Companies bring a temporary employee on board for a number of reasons. Whether it’s getting specialized skills for a project or ensuring they have enough hands on deck to meet productivity goals during peak seasons, short-term hires can be an asset.

Releasing temporary employees once their assignment is over, isn’t always the best move. There are situations where offering them a permanent role is the best choice, especially with today’s tight labor market. If you are wondering how you can tell if bringing a short-term hire on board long-term is a wise decision, here are seven signs that you should ask the temporary employee to become permanent.

Is It Time to Ask Your Temporary Employee To Be Permanent?

  1. Continuously Exceeding Expectations

A diligent, dedicated, and capable worker is something you should never overlook. If you have a temporary employer that’s continuously exceeding expectations by working efficiently, meeting deadlines, and ensuring output quality, that’s the kind of talent that will benefit your company long-term.

Plus, those kinds of professionals are often eager to learn. Even if their skill set isn’t a perfect match for your needs moving forward. The right employee will be open to training, allowing you to cultivate the ideal employee for your needs.

  1. Showing Initiative

When a temporary employee regularly asks for new responsibilities and actively looks for opportunities to help their team, they are a great asset. If your temporary employee consistently goes above and beyond, offering them a permanent spot is a wise move. Their initiative is valuable, boosting their entire team up and making full productivity easier for everyone to achieve.

  1. Eagerness and Curiosity

Temporary hires that are eager to learn and curious about how they can help the company thrive are assets. That level of drive isn’t always easy to find, so you want to keep it whenever you find it.

  1. Strong Rapport with Their Team

Having a strong team and company culture is a top priority for most companies. If a temp worker meshes well with their colleagues, is an asset during team-based assignments, and strives to build strong relationships with others, having them by your side long-term is usually beneficial.

  1. An “Extra Mile” Attitude

Finding employees that understand the company’s priorities and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure success in those areas are vital to your success. If a temporary worker always gives a bit more to you, your company, or your customers than you ask for, that’s the kind of person you’ll want on your team down the road.

  1. Adaptability

When a temporary employee is willing to jump in and lend a hand, even if it’s outside their main job description or out of their comfort zone, that’s a good sign that asking them to stay on is smart. That degree of adaptability isn’t widely available, and it can undoubtedly benefit your company.

  1. Interest in Joining Your Team as a Permanent Employee

Many temp hires explore short-term positions to help find an employer that’s a great match for their capabilities, and that has a culture where they can thrive.  Temporary workers that express an interest in staying on board, usually feel they fit in well also. If you agree, offering them a permanent spot is a logical option, as it’s guaranteed to make you both happier.

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Ultimately, all seven of these signs indicate that bringing a temporary employee onto your permanent staff is an intelligent decision. If you’d like to learn more or find more great employees, the team at TempStaff can help. Don’t waste time! Contact us today.

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