Job security can be critical to a person’s well-being. It provides them with peace of mind, as they know they can rely on their income not just today but into the future.

Making temp employees feel secure can be incredibly challenging. The nature of their roles is finite, so there is a degree of uncertainty built into the arrangement. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t alleviate some of their concerns and provide them with a sense of stability.

If you want to know how you can make your temp employees feel secure, here are some tips.

Integrate Them into Your Permanent Team

Many companies tend to sequester their short-term workers from their permanent team. They don’t think that fully integrating them is necessary, mainly because their time with the company is going to be reasonably short.

However, failing to bring your temp employees into the fold makes them feel less secure. It can make your workplace seem unwelcoming. As a result, your contract workers don’t believe that you value them, and that harms trust and creates an environment brimming with uncertainty.

In contrast, by incorporating your temporary hires into your permanent team, a sense of comradery emerges. Morale can increase, mainly because your short-term hires feel valued and included. This leads to a more excellent feeling of security, as your temp employees won’t feel like outsiders looking in, but critical parts of the team.

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent

When you bring in temporary workers, communicating with them about the nature of their roles is critical. You need to be straightforward about the arrangement, including when discussing their duties and the duration of their assignment. If things change, you need to be transparent and open, telling them honestly what the new scenario looks like.

While it may seem risky to divulge those details, doing so breeds trust. Your short-term employees will know that you aren’t hiding things from them, and that can make them feel more secure, particularly during times of change.

It’s true that, if an assignment may be cut short, that some of your temporary employees may immediately begin seeking out opportunities elsewhere, not all of them will. By being honest, at least a portion of your temporary workers will feel more secure, mainly because they trust that you’ll inform them if anything new ends up on the horizon.

Plus, it will cement your reputation as a transparent employer. As a result, if you end up needing temporary employees again in the future, they will be more likely to trust you early on. Essentially, you’ll establish your company as an assignment of choice, and that can help support your recruitment and retention goals today and well into the future.

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