Many professionals underestimate the potential of temporary jobs when it comes to advancing their careers. They may assume that short-term roles can bring about the same kind of benefits. In reality, that isn’t the case.

By approaching temp positions the right way, you can use them to keep your career moving forward. Here’s a look at how to set and reach career goals when working in a temporary job.

A Temporary Workers Guide to Goal Setting

Reflect on Your Broader Career Goals

First, if you want to set goals for your time in a temporary job, you need to take a moment to reflect on your broader career goals. That way, you can determine how a short-term position fits into the bigger picture.

When you outline these career objectives, use the SMART goals approach. You want the targets to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. That way, you’re focusing on actionable objectives that are easier to track, allowing you to craft a game plan for hitting those marks.

Once you create a career goal, consider the steps you’ll need to take to make it a reality. For example, identify skills or experience you need to acquire and determine what options are available for doing so.

Consider the Value the Temporary Job Brings

For many career goals, enhancing your capabilities is typically part of the plan. Often, temporary jobs can be an excellent way to refine your skillset or add new capabilities. Plus, they can help you boost your resume by giving you more experience.

As you explore temporary opportunities, consider the value the job brings to the table. Think about the skills you may be able to learn while working in the position, as well as the experience you’ll be adding to your resume. This helps you determine precisely how a temp role can benefit your career, making the connection between it and your goals clearer.

Seize Opportunities to Make the Most Out of Your Temp Job

Once you have a better understanding of how a temporary job can help you achieve your career goals, it’s time for an action plan. As you handle your assigned duties and focus on exceeding expectations in that area, see what other opportunities may come with the role. Maybe there are training options available. Perhaps you can find a mentor or shadow other workers. Maybe there’s an exciting project that you could assist with during your time there.

At a minimum, a temporary job can be a great chance to network with more professionals. Cultivate relationships while you’re in the role. If you couple that with exceeding expectations and positioning yourself as an asset, you can forge connections that can serve you well moving forward. Plus, you may be able to turn your temporary job into a permanent one, allowing you to continue working toward your goals at a company you’ve gotten to know.

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Ultimately, temporary jobs can be excellent for career growth. As long as you have clear goals and embrace everything the role has to offer, your temp position can help you take your career to the next level.

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