Working as an administrative assistant can pave a path toward a range of exciting careers. Many admin assistants develop a wealth of valuable skills, many of which can help them land new positions that move them forward professionally.

Since an administrative assistant’s skillset is incredibly versatile, there are quite a few career path options available. If you are an admin assistant and wondering where your career may be able to take you, here are some enticing options that are worth exploring.

Six Exciting Career Paths for Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant

In many cases, the administrative assistant to an executive assistant career path is the easiest to picture. The two roles have a lot in common, as they focus on providing administrative support. The main difference is often that an executive assistant assists one or more members of the C-suite or leadership team. In contrast, an admin assistant usually works for mid-level management or a non-leadership department.

Additionally, an executive assistant’s duties can be more complex or advanced. They may oversee high-value projects, prioritize deadlines, and solve problems that may otherwise end up on an executive’s desk.

Administrative Assistant to Office Manager

If you’re interested in a leadership position, working toward an office manager role is a logical path for an administrative assistant. Office managers oversee the daily operations of the office or an administrative department. Usually, this includes handling budgets, decision-making, supervising staff, policy creation, and similar tasks.

Office managers may also be responsible for hiring and firing team members. Handling disputes can be part of the role as well, along with providing performance reviews, coaching employees, and similar responsibilities.

Administrative Assistant to Conference Planner

If any of your current duties involve booking travel, coordinating meetings, working with vendors or suppliers, and similar responsibilities, you may be able to use those skills to become a conference planner. Large gatherings take a lot of coordination and many venues that host conferences and associations that sponsor them rely on conference planners to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Administrative Assistant to HR Specialist

Certain administrative skills transition well into the world of human resources (HR). HR is actually very customer-centric, and many admin assistants have duties that align with customer service. Additionally, recordkeeping and updating is a big part of the job, and handling confidential information and working independently, something that many administrative assistants already do.

In some cases, you may have to shift into an HR assistant role first. Otherwise, earning an HR degree could make the transition easier.

Administrative Assistant to Accounts Payable Administrator

If you’re interested in the world of accounting, shifting into an accounts payable role could be the ideal career path. Most of these positions focus on recordkeeping, meeting deadlines, and updating transaction records, all of which use skills that many admin assistants have in spades. Otherwise, solid math skills and exceptional attention-to-detail are critical, along with an understanding of purchase orders and other financial processes.

For administrative assistants who want to work their way up into the position, becoming an accounts payable clerk first could be the way to do it. Alternatively, an accounting, finance, or business degree is the easiest way to land an accounts payable administrator job.

Looking for Administrative Positions? We Can Help!

Ultimately, all of the career paths above could be excellent options for administrative assistants. If you’d like to learn more about your career options, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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