Cultivating a successful career is about more than your education and experience. While being able to use a computer, coordinate events, and other hard skills may be requirements, it’s soft skills that can set you apart. While hard skills can be taught, soft skills are more innate, and they are often harder to define.

To help you get ahead in your administrative career, here are three soft skills you should master.

Communication Skills

As an administrative assistant, you will have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people. This can include customers, co-workers, and top members of management. Being able to communicate effectively in person, over the phone, and in writing is vital to your success in any organization.

Strong communication skills also help you work more efficiently as part of a larger team. Your job often requires you to provide critical support to others in your office. Since you may be called upon in a variety of ways, being prepared to work as part of a team to meet group goals is also valuable.

You will need to practice active listening, and create responses with a professional tone. Mastering your use of language, and your ability to listen to the concerns and desires of others will position you to become an indispensable employee in any office environment.

Time Management Skills

Whether you support a single member of management or perform administrative duties for an entire office, you will often be responsible for properly managing your own time. You will need to confidently juggle multiple priorities while meeting conflicting deadlines. This means you need to organize and use your time wisely to meet the needs of your organization.

At times, you can be responsible for the schedule or others. Many administrative assistants coordinate appointments for executives and managers. This means you are not just responsible for managing your time, but their time as well.

Problem-Solving Skills

Administrative assistants are often called upon to help during times of crisis. Whether this is creating a presentation for a meeting in an hour, locating critical files, or handling a last minute change to a manager’s calendar, you must be prepared to jump in with both feet and manage the situation. At times, you may be limited by time or the number of available resources. Being able to think creatively to solve the problem can be a life saver in these situations.

It is also common to have to coordinate the efforts of a team to get a particular result. This requires problem-solving to make sure tasks are completed correctly, and in the right order, even when multiple departments or other personnel are involved.

Many administrative assistants also organize technical support for executives. If an equipment failure to preventing an executive from completing their work, it may be your responsibility to find a solution quickly. This can include working with technical support professionals or locating backup equipment options. All of these scenarios require you to think on your feet and find solutions in uncommon events.

Are You Up to the Challenge?

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