For many, the pandemic had a dramatic impact on their professional lives. Widespread layoffs were common, particularly during the initial few months. However, even those who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs potentially saw their careers stall.

Finding new career-advancing opportunities wasn’t always possible, and promotions may have been delayed. Additionally, many companies reduced their training budgets or didn’t have the resources to handle training remotely, hindering professional growth.

But even with all of that, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your career moving forward. If you want to ensure yours maintains momentum, here are some tips that can help.

Three Ways to Continue to Grow Your Career During COVID

Take Ownership of Your Professional Development

Pre-pandemic, many companies had robust training programs that could further the capabilities of their staff. However, a significant number of those programs fell by the wayside during the pandemic’s rise and height, and they may not return quickly.

For professionals who want to keep their careers on target, it is crucial to step in and explore training options outside of work. By taking ownership of your professional development, you can identify skill acquisition pathways and growth to boost your career.

Speak with Your Manager About Opportunities

If you enjoy your current employer, speaking with your manager about growth and advancement opportunities is a wise move. For one, it allows you to showcase your interest in moving forward. That can be surprisingly important, as it is possible your manager isn’t aware of your desire to take on more responsibilities or advance.

Second, it increases the likelihood that you’ll get access to projects or duties that can boost your career. Finally, it also creates an opportunity for a broader dialog. Your manager can let you know if there is anything you need to do to make yourself eligible for new responsibilities, as well as provide guidance about how you can continue to meet or exceed expectations.

Grow and Maintain Your Network

Many career-boosting opportunities come about organically. A significant number of exciting positions aren’t publicly advertised, and many companies put greater stock in referrals than outside candidates who have no previous connection to their business.

Seize every chance to network that comes along, especially if you are working remotely. Attend virtual networking events, join professional organizations that have a strong online presence, and connect with colleagues on LinkedIn or other social networks.

By growing and maintaining your network, you keep these channels open and primed. Along with seeking out new connections, spend time nurturing existing ones. Additionally, network in your current workplace, as well as externally. That way, you have the widest net possible.

Ultimately, all of the tips above can be excellent for ensuring your career growth doesn’t stall. Make use of each one to maintain or reestablish your momentum, ensuring you can keep your career on target.

Take the Next Step In Your Career!

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