The holiday season is typically the time when companies go the extra mile to showcase their appreciation for their workforce. However, many organizations aren’t sure how to express their gratitude to their temporary employees.

Doing something nice for your short-term hires is a smart move, creating opportunities to boost morale, increase productivity, and bolster loyalty. If you aren’t sure how to show your appreciation to temporary employees this holiday season, here are some options worth considering.

Thank You Cards

Sometimes, a heartfelt thank you is the perfect way to express your gratitude for your temporary employees’ efforts. However, if you want to make it particularly special, you need to use the right approach.

First, get blank thank you cards that provide you with enough space to write a personalized note. Then, instead of just signing it or sharing a generic message of appreciation, express your gratitude for something specific.

By highlighting the employee’s unique contributions, you make the card more meaningful. So, go the extra mile when you’re personalizing the message, ensuring you showcase how much you value each worker as an individual.

Paid Time Off

Temporary employees don’t always get automatic access to paid time off. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer it if you choose.

If you want to make your temporary employees feel as valued as your permanent team members, give them a chance to spend some extra time away from the workplace without having to sacrifice pay. Whether you dole out a set number of hours that temp hires can spend as they choose (with proper approval) or give everyone a specific day or afternoon off together, it’ll be appreciated.

Catered Meal

Another simple option for showing your appreciation to your temporary employees is a catered meal. Most professionals enjoy free food, making it a perfect gift to give your team.

Ideally, you want to choose widely-liked foods and drinks. You can either select a caterer that can prepare classic entrées and sides or speak with your employees in advance to learn their tastes before choosing something more specialized.

Just make sure that you curate a meal that respects dietary restrictions. For example, making sure at least one entrée is vegan covers a lot of bases, though it may not address every employee’s needs. If you have doubts, consider asking if your employees are comfortable discussing dietary restrictions and, if so, gather information about their needs before you choose a cater.

A Permanent Position

If a temporary employee has been part of your team for some time and you have the ability to bring them on long-term, consider offering a permanent position to show your appreciation. The employee will know that you value their contributions based on that gesture. Plus, they may be relieved that their job will continue into the new year, revealing a significant source of stress.

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Ultimately, all of the options above can be excellent ways to show your appreciation to temporary employees. If you’d like to grow your workforce this holiday season, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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