Today, companies are trying to adapt to the new normal. Re-opening processes have been complex, and uncertainty is still part of the landscape. As you start ramping back up to speed, it’s normal to have a range of concerns, as well as a growing sense of urgency, especially when it comes to securing staff.

While you can certainly bring on permanent employees, that may not be the best way to handle the situation today. Instead, using temporary workers could be a better move, particularly during these still tenuous times. If you are wondering why it could be the right approach, here are four benefits you can experience by hiring temporary employees post-COVID.

Four Benefits Mississippi Companies Experience Hiring Temps Post-COVID


While vaccine rollouts and lifting restrictions have people on the path toward a new normal, there is still a lot of uncertainty. It isn’t clear whether if the virus will rear its head again, and economic conditions are still volatile.

By hiring temporary workers, you get an agile workforce. If your needs increase, you can bring in additional employees. If the situation changes, you can downsize fast, all without the risks you face when laying off permanent hires.

Hiring Efficiency

When you hire temporary employees, you typically do so through a staffing firm. As a result, you get a higher degree of hiring efficiency.

The recruitment agency will handle all of the opening advertising, initial candidate screening, and onboarding. Plus, you can even try candidates out in the job, allowing you to make sure they have the skills they need to thrive. You’ll always get the highest quality match, all without the commitment associated with permanent hires.

Robust Talent Pools

Staffing firms are excellent resources whenever you need to secure a new employee quickly. Often, recruitment agencies maintain robust talent pools brimming with professionals of all skill levels and representing a full range of fields. Plus, they are pre-vetted, allowing them to be placed in a position faster.


By hiring temporary workers through a staffing firm, you can experience improved cost efficiency. Since the employee doesn’t begin on your payroll, you aren’t responsible for a range of expenses, including payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and various benefits.

Additionally, you aren’t responsible for many recruitment costs. Advertising vacancies, screening candidates, and similar steps are handled by the staffing firm. As a result, they take on the related expenses.

Ultimately, hiring temporary employees through a staffing firm is a smart move in the current post-COVID landscape. It’s a cost-effective, efficient, and agile approach to hiring, giving you the flexibility you need during these uncertain times.

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