Human resource managers, hiring managers and company administrators have a major responsibility when hiring new employees. Companies are working hard to reduce the employee turnover rate because of the high cost of bad hires. The next time you need to fill an open job at your company, look for the five qualities outlined here before making a decision on which candidate you will hire for the job.

Has a Voice

The first quality on our list to look for in new employees is that he or she has a “voice”. With new technologies cropping up on a regular basis, all levels of employees are being encouraged to show their creativity, thoughts, expressions and more while at work. Leaders have to be knowledgeable about their line of work, passionate about it and comfortable with sharing ideas across all levels of the office.

Open to Change

Another important quality to look for in new employees is that he or she is open to change. People get into a rhythm and become accustomed to doing things their way. This can be good for some companies and not so good for others that change operating policies often. When looking for new employees, be sure you find someone who is open to change. Employees need to embrace changes in technology, especially since millennials are overrunning the workforce who have lived their entire lives with the technology we have right now.

Ability to Self-Direct

Companies in need of new employees should look for the ability to self-direct as a major quality in their candidates. Remote work is becoming incredibly popular today, which means that employees can work from anywhere in the world if they are permitted, but they must also be able to direct themselves with projects and with meeting deadlines. As an employee in today’s high-tech world, you must be able to deliver your work no matter where you are working.

Lots of Focus

The fourth quality your company should be looking for in new employees today is that of focus. Employees must know how to focus on the task at hand while at work, whether they work in an office or from a remote location. Focus entails being able to determine which tasks need to be completed first and which ones can be put on hold for the time being.

Filter Information

When looking for new employees, your company should look for ones that have the ability to filter information as it comes in and decipher what pieces are more important than the others. Employees who can filter information in an information-heavy world will be able to better handle problems as they arise at the office.

As you can see, the five qualities your company should look for in new employees are very important. They aren’t the only qualities new employees should have, but definitely the most important ones.

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