The use of temporary staff has been on the rise as more organizations realize the benefits and cost savings of using this method. By using temps, any company can boost their current staff numbers, while providing a flexible alternative to direct hiring. Additionally, temporary staff can be utilized for special projects that demand unique skillsets or to augment current teams with the right skills to take on new and bigger clientele.

Whatever the reason your company decides to work with a temporary staffing agency, here are the top five benefits of temps to be aware of.

#1 – Temporary Staff Help Reduce HR Costs

Companies often choose temp employees because of the time and money savings offered to the human resource department. This can include little to no upfront sourcing and recruitment costs, savings on overtime and workers’ compensation, and even training and onboarding costs which typically can reduce the burden on staffing budgets.

#2 – Temp Staff Support Current Employees

In times when companies are hesitant to bring on full time employees, the use of temporary staff gives them a chance to augment their current teams in a cost-effective way. Brining on short term workers to help support the tasks of a new project, for example, can be a great way to take the pressure off your existing employees while maintaining quality of work.

#3 – There is Greater Flexibility with Temp Staff

Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep some areas of your company busy with enough tasks. Likewise, you may have departments that need floating staff who can help in several different areas on an ongoing basis. Using temp staff can support both of these needs because you can choose from an unlimited number of temps to work on short term or as-needed basis when you need them.

#4 – Eliminates the Liabilities of Health and Unemployment Insurance

Imagine not having to worry about the new health care reform guidelines or wondering if your company can bear the costs of having to lay off employees? With a temp workforce, this is a reality! Your staffing agency can provide the health insurance and benefits for you so you don’t have to manage this aspect of employing people. Unemployment insurance and the hassles of claims are also eliminated because your temps can be terminated once they’ve completed the terms of the contract, either short term or long term, with no repercussions to your business.

#5 – Access to Wider Range of Specialized Skills and Experience

Need special skills to compete for a project in your industry? Instead of spending months searching for the right employees, why not reach out to your temp staff agency in Jackson MS to send you a qualified temp employee? This can be an easy and more productive way of hiring specialists to handle the demands of working with the clients you serve. When you encounter a lack of skills in your area, temp agencies have the resources and connections to provide you with the temps who have these desired skills.

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