When job seekers get ready for an interview, they usually focus on the interview questions they’ll need to answer. However, the employer shouldn’t be the only one asking questions. Instead, candidates should have a few ready as well, ensuring they can find out what they need to know about the position, company, and more.

If you’re getting ready for a job interview, here are the top ten questions you should ask the potential employer.

10 Interview Questions For a Potential Employer

  1. How did this position become available? Did someone leave the job, or is it a new role within the company?

This two-part question can give you some incredible insights into the business. For example, if the position is new, it could indicate that the company is expanding. If the last person who had the job transitioned into a higher-level role within the organization, that shows the organization promotes from within and likely supports the professional development of their employees.

  1. How receptive is this company to ideas from its employees?

With this question, you can get insights into the organization’s culture and management style, both of which can help you assess whether the job is a good fit.

  1. Can you tell me about this role’s chain of command?

Finding out who you’ll report to directly is always a good idea. However, by asking about the chain of command, you can learn more about the people above the position’s supervisor, giving you more information about the company’s management structure.

  1. Will this position relocate/go remote/return to the office in the future?

Asking about how the logistics of where you’ll work could change is a smart move. For example, many positions that went remote during the pandemic won’t stay that way long-term, so asking this question allows you to gauge the return timeline.

  1. Can you describe a typical day in this role?

While the hiring manager may have already sold you on big upcoming projects, finding out about daily life in the position is important. That way, you’ll have a more realistic picture of what the job involves.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working here?

With this question, you may find out about aspects of the culture, benefits package, or perks that you weren’t privy to before. Plus, the hiring manager’s enthusiasm – or lack thereof – when they answer can speak volumes about how they actually feel about working there.

  1. What other positions or departments does this job coordinate with?

Learning more about the colleagues or departments you’ll work with closely is always a good idea. You’ll have a better understanding of how the job fits into the broader picture, allowing you to anticipate certain aspects of the role.

  1. How will this position grow over time?

Most jobs change a bit as time passes. By asking this question, you can discover how this role may shift in the coming months or years, allowing you to determine if that’s where you’d like to head and if so, prepare for that eventuality.

  1. Where do you believe this company will be ten years from now?

If you want some information about how the company plans to grow and evolve, this question is a must-ask. While the hiring manager won’t be able to share proprietary details, they should be able to give you a solid overview of what they think the future holds.

  1. What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Requesting a rundown of any next steps helps you prepare for the rest of the hiring process. Plus, you may get a detailed timeline regarding what follows the interview, allowing you to keep your expectations realistic when it comes to a decision being made.

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