In the grand scheme of getting a job, most candidates go through a couple of processes first. One is the job interview, the other is the job offer. During this very nerve-wracking time, a vast majority of candidates find themselves with a multitude of questions that they may keep to themselves. However, these questions are critical to their future success in a specific job.

Questions, the World is Full of Questions

Decisions and the pathway that a job takes are often pinged on getting answers to questions. That’s why it’s important that job seekers have a list of questions that they can ask during the job interview and when a job offer is presented. Here’s just a few to add to your list as a job seeker, along with guidelines about what to ask and when.

During the Interview: Questions to Ask the Employer

The big interview day is here. The recruiter has some questions for you. You’ve got questions for the recruiter. Here are some good ones you can ask:

#1 – Can you describe what a typical day in this role would entail?

It’s a good idea to find out what the work environment, tasks, customers, and culture is like before considering a job of any type. Remember, the interview is a good time to determine if this job will be a good fit for your skills and personality.

#2 – May I see a copy of the full job description to go over?  

Oftentimes, the job advertised is not exactly what the actual job responsibilities and requirements are. This is why it’s a good idea to ask for a copy of the full job description to review carefully. You may generate a few job specific questions this way, and you may also find some selling points too.

#3 – Do you have all the information you need from me to check my references, and make a hiring decision?

It shows consideration when you ask a recruiter if he or she needs any additional information. In fact, many appreciate this very much. A nice touch is to also present a printed list of your top five professional references to make the recruiter’s life even easier.

#4 – When would be the most convenient time for me to follow up with you about this job?

Recruiters and hiring mangers get busy, therefore you will want to set the expectation that you will be following up with them. This helps to remind them to stay on task, and it helps you to look excited and genuinely interested in the job.

When the Job Offer Comes: Questions to Ask the Employer

Congratulations – you’ve got a job offer! Now what? You’ve got a few questions that you need to ask before you accept the offer of employment. Here they are:

#1 – When would you like me to start the job?

Obviously, you need to know when to report to your first day on the job. If you are currently working, or attending school, you will also need to have some time to rearrange your schedule or provide a notice of separation. Make sure you are comfortable with the start date.

#2 – Are there any pre-hire requirements I need to complete?

Many employers ask for pre-employment processes to take place before or near the first day of employment. These can include criminal background checks, drug testing, and security screens. Make sure you get complete instructions and follow them before the job starts.

#3 – Can we review the salary and benefits information please?

If you have received a job offer that’s not exactly what you expected, good or bad, now is the right time to bring it up, not months after you’ve accepted. Ask the recruiter to share what your starting salary will be and when you may be eligible for benefits, like health insurance.

#4 – Will you be sending me a written offer letter or employment forms to complete?  

The job offer letter is an official employment document, so you will want to secure your place in the company by asking for a copy to be sent to you. You’ll also want to expedite the completing of any employment tax forms and your employee information so your new employer can be ready for you by the time you start.

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