When you are trying to land a new position, making great first impressions during the job interview is crucial. Your initial introduction to the hiring manager is going to impact every subsequent interaction, so you want to ensure that it goes well.

However, figuring out how to make positive first impressions isn’t always easy. Often, job seekers resort to trial and error, adjusting their approach after each encounter. But, there is something you can do today that will help you make better impressions during job interviews. Here’s what you need to do.

Honestly Assess Your Previous Interactions

If you want to improve how you come off during the first critical moments during an interview, you first need to take a hard look at how you’ve come off in the past. Typically, the easiest way to do this is to ask yourself a series of questions, answering each one honestly.

For example, do you practice active listening when the hiring manager speaks or just wait for your turn to talk? Are you respectful of the interviewer’s personal space or do you tend to encroach? Does your introduction come off as confident or could it be interpreted as arrogance?

While asking these questions is difficult, it’s necessary if you want to improve. That way you can identify any potential shortcomings, giving you a chance to address them.

Take Note of Your Strengths

Recognizing your strengths can give you a valuable confidence boost. Plus, by acknowledging what you do well, you can adjust your approach to play to areas where you are already strong.

As a bonus, this allows you to identify points that don’t require improvement, which may lessen that amount of work needed to craft a better first impression.

Address Your Weaknesses

Nearly everyone struggles in one area of another when they introduce themselves to a hiring manager. By understanding what your weak points are, you have the ability to correct them.

For example, if you tend to stumble on the standard early interview question, “Tell me about yourself,” you can focus on crafting a strong, simple response that touches on all the right points and then rehearse it until it becomes second nature. If you doubt the quality of your handshake, you can enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member to help you get more comfortable.

Ultimately, by practicing self-awareness, you can spot potential problems quickly and take steps to fix any issues that may harm your chances of landing a coveted role. As you work through your weakness, the quality of your first impression will improve, helping you manage interviews with greater ease.

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