When you’re hiring new team members, it’s normal to focus on certain key areas. Often, experience and existing skills are considered top priorities for most companies when light industrial candidates. While that may seem logical, it isn’t always the wisest move.

Overlooking job seekers with no direct experience can actually cause you to miss out. If you’re wondering why experience might not be as important as you’d expect when hiring new light industrial employees, here’s what you need to know.

Why Experience Isn’t Always The Most Important Factor When Hiring Light Industrial Candidates

Potential to Create Your Ideal Employee

When you bring in a new hire that doesn’t have any experience, you have a chance to mold your perfect employee. In many cases, employees that are new to a field are eager to learn. Since that’s the case, that candidate with no experience may be more trainable than someone who’s spent years following another company’s processes.

Plus, there aren’t any bad habits to break. Instead, you have an enthusiastic clean slate that’s ready to learn what it takes to thrive at your company specifically, allowing you to cultivate your ideal new hire from scratch.

Increases Your Odds of Innovation

Over time, most professionals develop specific routines regarding how they handle tasks. If your workplace uses tried-and-true approaches in your industry, hiring an employee with experience may allow them to hit the ground running, but they won’t necessarily bring anything innovative to the table.

By choosing a candidate with no experience instead, you’re bringing in a fresh set of eyes. They may seem shortcomings in processes that others overlook because they’re used to the status quo. As a result, you may find new options for strategic updates, allowing you to improve efficiency or cut costs instead of doing more of the same.

Plus, if they have experience in another field, the employee that’s new to the light industrial landscape may bring outside knowledge that leads to new solutions. They will look at problems differently, applying their unique expertise in potentially unexpected ways. In turn, they may find answers that others wouldn’t consider, leading to improvements you’d miss out on otherwise.

Easier Time Navigating New Processes and Systems

If you’re introducing a new process or system to your workplace, choosing a candidate with no experience may work in your favor. They aren’t familiar with the old way of handling a task. Even if the update represents a change to the rest of your employees, it’s all new to the incoming employee. Since that’s the case, they may adapt to your new process or system faster than team members who are used to the old way.

Need Help Finding the Right Light Industrial Candidates?

Ultimately, hiring a light industrial candidate without any experience can work in your favor. If they’re enthusiastic, willing to learn, and have the ability to thrive with the proper instruction, you may end up with a far better employee in the end than if you hire for experience instead.

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