Most hiring processes are somewhat toilsome based on what has to be handled along the way. However, certain aspects may be especially frustrating for your light industrial candidates, leading them to simply look elsewhere instead of pursuing one of your open positions.

Certain aspects of the processes can be adjusted relatively easily, allowing you to make a better impression on light industrial job seekers from the beginning. To help ensure your interview process isn’t chasing away great talent, here are some tips for improving your hiring process.

Keep Them in the Loop

Communication is highly important for job seekers, and not receiving information regarding the status of an application is especially difficult for top talent to tolerate. It isn’t uncommon for candidates to hear nothing after they submit their resume, leaving them with no indication as to whether they are being considered or if the job has been filled and they should move on.

However, this is a headache that can be remedied fairly easily by providing a few notifications. Let candidates know that their application has been received if there is a delay in the hiring process, when they’ve been removed from contention, and if interview calls will be coming in the next few weeks.

By keeping top light industrial talent informed, they remain engaged during the hiring process. It removes the mystery as to what is happening behind the scenes and gives them a basic timetable regarding when they should or should not be expecting additional contact.

Once the job is filled, if they aren’t chosen for the position, they’ll appreciate knowing the facts of the situation. This gives them a clear indication that they should look for other opportunities, allowing them to pursue their goals without wondering whether you’ll call.

Impersonal Contact

Even when some organizations send out communications, they often rely on automated bulk messages to do the job. While this can be suitable for letting them know their application has been received, getting a personal email or phone call for other key updates is often greatly appreciated as it lets them know you see them as a person and not just a resume.

Most candidates take a significant amount of time to complete applications, target their resume, and create a customized cover letter, so not showing them the same courtesy is frustrating to light industrial job seekers.

Whenever possible, choose a more personal approach when reaching out to candidates, especially once you’ve reached the interview phase. Sending messages this way reflects positively on your business, as it shows you appreciate their effort and can help maintain relationship into the future.

It also gives you a method to encourage top talent to apply again even if they aren’t selected this time, or provide valuable feedback to those who almost made the cut. Both of these approaches can help make a difficult situation easier on the applicant and makes it more likely that they’ll consider your company again in the future.

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