Landing a temp or temp-to-hire job is typically exciting but also a little scary. While you may have a solid idea of what the role involves, that doesn’t mean every point is entirely clear.

That’s why asking the right questions on your first day is essential. By gathering specific information, you can increase your odds of thriving in the position. If the job is temporary, that can make it easier to secure an excellent reference or get invited to return if another opening comes available. For a temp-to-hire position, it could lead to a permanent job offer.

If you want to make sure that you can start your temp or temp-to-hire job off on the right foot, here are three questions you need to ask on your first day.

The Questions to Ask On Your First Day

  1. How Are You Measuring My Performance?

Performing well in a role typically means needing to meet or exceed expectations. However, you may not know precisely how to make that happen when you initially start in a temporary or temp-to-hire role. Even if you understand your core responsibilities, companies may measure success differently. That’s why this question is critical.

When you ask about how your performance is measured, you have a chance to learn about the metrics the manager uses to gauge your success. Along with giving you more insights about the job, it helps you discover more about a company or team’s priorities. In turn, you’ll have an easier time positioning yourself as an asset.

  1. What’s Your Preferred Approach for Communication and Submitting Deliverables?

Not everyone has the same communication style. Some managers may prefer written options, like email or collaboration software. Others may favor phone calls or in-person conversations. At times, they may have unique preferences based on the situation. For instance, they may want deliverables attached to a project management software entry but urgent questions to come through via phone calls.

By asking this question, you can find out which communication channels you need to use when. That reduces the odds that your messages will get overlooked.

  1. What Are Your Goals for This Position for Week One?

When you initially start in a temporary or temp-to-hire job, it isn’t always clear precisely what the manager envisions for the role. By asking this question, you’re creating opportunities for open communication regarding expectations.

You’ll learn about the targets the manager is hoping you’ll hit, giving you insights not just about the nature of the job but also current operational priorities. It also increases the odds that you’ll get a formal outline of any needed deliverables.

Looking for a Fresh Start?

Ultimately, each of the questions above is wise ones to ask on day one in a temp or temp-to-hire position. They give you extra clarity, making it easier to head in the right direction. Plus, you’ll know what it takes to make a stellar first impression and continue exceeding expectations. Together, that can ensure you get a solid reference for future work or may make a permanent job offer more likely.

If you’d like to learn more about excelling in a temporary or temp-to-hire job or are looking for new opportunities, the team at TempStaff can help. Find the right job today.

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