When you want a new job, finding one quickly is typically the goal. Since working with a temp agency can give you access to more opportunities, you may be wondering if the process will also move fast. Additionally, you may be curious about the types of roles that are available, including whether you’ll have a chance to find a long-term or permanent job.

Luckily, working with a temp agency is reasonably straightforward. Plus, it can save you time and energy, all while increasing your odds of getting a right-fit position. If you’re wondering how long it will take to find a job through a temp agency and what it’s like working with one, here’s what you need to know.

How Much Time Will It Take Me to Find a Job Through a Temp Agency

How Finding Jobs Through a Temp Agency Works

When you’re looking for a job, partnering with a temp agency isn’t wholly unlike traditional recruitment processes. You’ll submit an application or resume as a starting point. This provides the temp agency with critical information about your work history and skills.

Next, you’ll meet with a recruiter. During that meeting, you’ll go through an interview-style process. However, the goal of the discussion is a bit different from a traditional job interview. Instead of seeing if you’re a match for one particular job, your recruiter will get to know you on a different level. They’ll dig into your work history and skills, as well as talk with you about your needs and preferences when it comes to your next role.

Along the way, your recruiter will also discuss the types of positions they fill, allowing them to find out if you’re interested in specific options. In most cases, temporary jobs aren’t the only thing on the table. Instead, there are temp-to-hire and direct hire options, too. With those, a permanent, long-term position is part of the equation.

After your recruiter learns more about you, they’ll use what they’ve discovered to find an opportunity that aligns with your capabilities and desires. Finding the best match is their priority, ensuring you’ll be happy in the position and that you can also excel in the job.

Additionally, they complete other critical steps. Along with checking references, your recruiter will run any required background checks and screenings, ensuring everything is squared away before you’re presented with right-fit opportunities.

How Long It Takes to Find a Job Through a Temp Agency

Technically, there isn’t a single timeline for finding a job through a temp agency. Your skills, experience, preferences, and needs all factor into the equation, as well as what opportunities are available in your area.

However, working with a temp agency is consistently faster than finding a job on your own. When you apply to a temp agency, the recruiters will consider you for every role that they want to fill. Usually, that means a wide number of openings as a slew of companies in your area, allowing you to cast a broader net with a single application.

Plus, when they find a match, the rest of the process is quick. Since all of the checks and screenings are done, the company with an opening doesn’t have to handle those tasks when you’re recommended for the role. Additionally, employers using temp agencies typically want to hire quickly, so there aren’t any long waits to schedule interviews or hear back on whether you get the job.

Looking for a Temp Agency You Can Trust?

Ultimately, working with a temp agency is simple. Plus, it can expedite your job search. If you’d like to get the ball rolling on your next job, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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