Today, Gen Z is increasingly present in the workforce. If you want your company to remain competitive, finding ways to attract these candidates is essential. Otherwise, you may struggle to find the emerging talent you need to thrive. Fortunately, connecting with Gen Z isn’t as challenging as it may initially seem. Here’s a look at what Gen Z job seekers are looking for in Mississippi companies.

How to Attract Gen Z Job Candidates to Open Positions

Modern Recruitment Methods

While Millennials prefer a tech-friendly recruitment process, most are willing to move forward even if a company’s approach is a bit antiquated. However, many members of Gen Z don’t feel the same. Instead, if a company is using an outdated process, they’re more likely to walk away from an application in process.

If you want to connect with Gen Z job seekers, having a modern recruitment strategy is vital. Mobile-friendly, streamlined applications are an essential component, while options like messenger or text-based communications can set your company apart from the pack.

Strong Relationships

Gen Z views employers differently, preferring recruitment and workplace experiences that involve a genuine connection. They value relationships with their recruiters, managers, and colleagues, causing them to favor companies with welcoming, communicative cultures.

During the recruitment process, having a strong connection with the hiring manager or recruiter is essential. If the experience isn’t personalized and communication-heavy, they often seek out opportunities elsewhere.

Well-Integrated Missions and Values

Like Millennials, Gen Z wants their work to be meaningful. Along with finding companies with strong missions and values – and exceptional follow-through on those points – they want their duties and responsibilities to resonate with the broader objectives, giving their tasks additional meaning.

Gen Z also has high expectations when it comes to social consciousness. Along with duties that align with those priorities, they prefer companies that are responsible in that arena.

Workplace Flexibility

Gen Z favors companies that give them flexibility, allowing them to adjust their work approach to accommodate their lives while still meeting expectations. Along with the ability to occasionally unplug, remote work, flexible schedules, and similar options can all attract more Gen Z talent.

Competitive Salary and Benefits

Like any generation, Gen Z is looking for competitive salary and benefits packages. Along with pay rates that meet or exceed industry norms in their local area, they favor companies that offer high-quality medical insurance, robust retirement options, and ample paid time off.

Additionally, Gen Z prefers companies that bring something outside of the standard to the table. Comprehensive paid maternity and paternity leave, tuition reimbursement, student loan repayment, wellness programs, and similar options can all attract Gen Z talent, increasing your access to high-quality job seekers.

Professional Development

Gen Z professionals have their sights set on growth and development. They’re incredibly eager to learn and want chances to advance.

If those needs aren’t met, Gen Z is highly open to the idea of changing employers to keep moving forward. A lack of professional development options or promotional opportunities can be considered a deal-breaker, causing these candidates to either look elsewhere for openings or leave roles faster than you may expect.

Need Help Hiring?

Ultimately, Gen Z is looking for everything above in an employer. If you’d like to find out more about how you can connect with candidates quickly to fill your vacant positions, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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