Temp jobs can be a boon for many professionals. Whether you need an influx of cash during a particular time of year, want to stay busy during a school break, or want to grow your skills, many short-term positions can offer what you’re hoping to find.

Focusing on popular options is a great way to start if you’re looking for a great new temporary job. Often, those roles are widely available, allowing you to secure a job faster. Plus, they are career-boosting, giving you the ability to gain valuable experience and skills while working in the role.

Here is a look at the most popular temp jobs in Mississippi.

Warehouse Worker

Many businesses hire seasonal warehouse workers to support peak demand periods. Professionals in these roles process orders, check inventory, prepare shipments, and make sure that purchases are fulfilled in a timely fashion.

Usually, the work has a physical element. Along with navigating the warehouse floor, warehouse workers typically do a bit of lifting, picking, packing, and other manual tasks. However, there may also be opportunities to operate equipment if you have the right skills.

Office Assistant

Many companies need short-term clerical support for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they need an admin specialist to cover an employee vacation or unplanned absence. Other times, they want more support while a project is underway, ensuring that daily tasks don’t fall by the wayside.

In any case, temporary office assistants usually focus on traditional administrative duties. Filing, answering phones, greeting visitors, making appointments, sorting mail, and similar responsibilities are often a core part of the role.

Sales Associate

Sales associates facilitate customer purchases. Along with processing orders, they may answer questions about products and services with the goal of helping a prospective buyer see the value in the offering.

While traditional brick-and-mortar store sales associate jobs are the most common, that isn’t the only option in this niche. Web and phone-based sales associates may also be needed on a short-term basis, allowing companies that operate mainly in the e-commerce space or sell directly from a manufacturing facility to augment their workforce during peak seasons.

Customer Service Rep

As with sales associate roles, many companies need extra customer service representatives during their peak seasons. Exactly when that happens depends on the company. Some may see demand rise during the winter holidays, while others will ramp up in the spring, reaching peak demand during the summer. As a result, there are often opportunities available in this field, regardless of the season.

In this position, employees support customers directly, answering questions or providing information as needed. They may answer incoming phone calls, respond to emails, or engage using messenger software.

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