The benefits of having an attitude of gratitude are far-reaching. Along with improving your mood and strengthening personal relationships, it can also benefit you professionally. If you’re wondering how, here’s a look at four ways being thankful can help your career.

 Four Reasons Thankfulness Helps Your Career

  1. Gratitude Gives You Perspective

Often, professionals are inclined to give more weight to the negative incidents that occur at work. However, this isn’t necessarily because those events are more significant or more frequent than the positive ones. Instead, it’s simply negativity bias at work.

By learning to view the situation through the lens of gratitude, you become more aware of the good things that come with your job. You’ll have an easier time focusing on accomplishments or tasks you enjoy, giving less weight to the challenges that arise in any role. In turn, job satisfaction can increase, all because of this shift in your perspective.

  1. Mood Improvements

When you focus on being thankful, your mood typically improves. You’re grateful for all of the amazing things your job offers you, causing you to feel happier.

When that happens, your boosted mood can impact how you navigate the workplace. Along with resisting negativity, you may be more inclined to help out your colleagues or offer them praise for their efforts. As a result, you may cultivate a reputation for being a positive person, something that can help you during your career.

  1. Better Health

An attitude of gratitude may actually improve your health. You’ll have an easier time combating stress, leading to higher-quality sleep and better morale. Plus, staying focused and productive could get easier, increasing the odds that you’ll excel in your position.

Since job success influences career success, health improvements could make achieving your long-term goals easier. You might become a more attractive candidate for promotions, high-visibility projects, and growth opportunities, giving you what you need to take the next step.

  1. Stronger Relationships

If they are given a choice, most professionals wouldn’t want to spend extra time with colleagues they view as negative. That means a poor attitude can be damaging to your career. You may have a harder time forging critical relationships, hindering the growth of your network, internal opportunities, and more.

By adopting an attitude of gratitude, your personality is typically more positive. In turn, you become a joy to work with, increasing your connection with teammates and other colleagues. As the relationships grow, the bonds can boost your career. You might get access to higher-value projects, chances to move up, or training opportunities.

Ultimately, being thankful for your job can positively impact your career. Along with improving your performance, it can lead to a stronger professional reputation and relationships. Plus, it helps you keep challenges in perspective, limiting their impact on your mood, job, and career.

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