Many companies have trouble keeping their best and brightest employees on board. Top performers typically have options. As a result, they may seek out opportunities elsewhere if they believe that it benefits their career.

Thankfully, companies don’t have to resign themselves to this kind of turnover. By taking action, it’s possible to boost retention among your highest-performing employees.

One of the best approaches is upskilling. If you want to know how upskilling your staff can boost retention, as well as how to start upskilling your workforce, here’s what you need to know.

What Mississippi Companies Need to Know About Upskilling

How Upskilling Boosts Retention

When you upskill your workforce, you’re giving your employees access to opportunities to boost their skillset. Usually, it involves training them in areas relating to their position, increasing their overall capabilities in ways that boost efficiency and productivity.

Many companies worry that upskilling can actually harm retention. They assume that since giving their employees stronger skillsets makes them more marketable, their best and brightest will leave soon after they acquire the new capabilities.

However, that isn’t usually the case. When you upskill your workforce, you show that you’re willing to invest in their growth and development. That alone can boost loyalty, making them less likely to seek out opportunities elsewhere.

Additionally, upskilling introduces healthy challenges to the workplace. Since boredom can be a major motivator for leaving a role, seizing opportunities that can boost engagement is wise. Smart training strategies can be those opportunities, making them wise additions to your broader retention plan.

Finally, as engagement and loyalty rise, so does job satisfaction. In turn, your company culture improves, creating a happier, more dedicated workforce.

How to Upskill Your Workforce

Creating an upskilling program doesn’t have to be a challenge. Often, the easiest way to begin is to analyze the existing skillsets within individual teams or departments. Identify gaps in their capabilities and use that as guidance for future training.

Another great option is to review the career paths within your company. Determine what skills are needed to move from one position into the next one up. Once you’ve done that, use the information to create logical progression training programs, ensuring employees can access coursework that helps them advance internally.

When it comes to how to deliver the training, eLearning may be your best option. With today’s learning management systems (LMSs), you can give employees on-demand access to materials, map out their development plan, and track their progress.

By coupling eLearning with a microlearning strategy, you can break down complicated topics into bite-sized chunks. The shorter modules are easier to fit into busy schedules. Plus, the approach can lead to better knowledge retention, making the training more effective.

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Ultimately, upskilling is an excellent option for increasing retention at your company. If you’re looking to expand your team and want to find employees with the potential to grow and develop in your company, the staff at TempStaff can connect you with the top talent you’re after. Contact us to begin the process today.

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