If you’ve been having trouble finding candidates who stick around, perhaps the company has what’s known as a “quirky” company culture? This is not uncommon as more organizations try to stand out and be unique. Being quirky is not so much the problem as finding employees who can thrive in this type of environment. Some may become annoyed by the management teams’ antics, while others just don’t have the right personality to become part of the corporate fabric.

Whatever the case may be, it’s come down to one thing: Finding candidates who fit the quirky company culture.

Determine what qualities and personality fit the culture best

There are a number of employees who have fit in and done well for the company, even with its unique culture. Decide what qualities they bring to the table, the best personality type that blend in with your team, and build a profile of the perfect candidate. Remember to lean on this when meeting with and evaluating the candidates who are interviewed to work for you.

Create job descriptions around the culture

You know the culture well, but candidates don’t. Take the time to build any career portals, job descriptions, and marketing materials around the culture. Point out what makes it different or better than other places to work. Ask current employees to share their experience working there. When candidates read your job advertisements that feature these components, they can decide for themselves if they would be a good fit.

Partner with a staffing agency that understands your company culture well

When it comes to selecting the candidates who will embrace your quirky corporate culture, one of the most effective ways to get pre-screened individuals is through a staffing agency. Work with a staffing agency that understands your corporate culture and has ways to assess the suitability of candidates. Take them on as temp to perm so that if someone doesn’t work out, you can seek a replacement.

Use a two-way interview process with all candidates

While it does take some effort upfront, taking time during the interview process pays off in the long run. Hiring managers may make an impression of a candidate, but another point of view is always helpful. Have candidates come in for an interview with a group of team members, then ask them to come back for a second round to be sure they fit in with the corporate culture.


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