Temporary positions can be excellent opportunities. You’ll learn new skills, expand your network, and otherwise take important steps down your career path.

When your temp job is coming to an end, it’s crucial to take action. You want to ensure that the position closes out on a high note, as well as prepare for your next opportunity. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are six things to do as your temporary position comes to an end.

Six Things To Remember As Your Temporary Position Ends

  1. Continue Exceeding Expectations

Once the end of your temp job is approaching, you may assume that your performance quality no longer matters. In reality, that’s never the case. If you make an exceptional impression to the end, not only will you secure a positive reference, but you may also get an invitation to return to the company in the future. That’s why you need to exceed expectations to the end and impress your temporary employer.

  1. Tie Up Loose Ends

Ideally, you don’t want to leave any loose ends when your temporary position wraps up. Make sure that any projects you’re working on are complete. If that isn’t possible, then speak with your manager to assist with transitioning the task to another employee. That way, nothing is accidentally overlooked.

  1. Request a Recommendation

Having great recommendations and references can make a world of difference during your next job search. Ask your manager if they would provide you with a written recommendation, as well as one on your LinkedIn profile. See if they are comfortable being a professional reference for your future job search needs, and confirm their preferred contact details, ensuring you have everything you’ll need before your last day.

  1. Speak with the Hiring Manager (or HR)

If you enjoyed your position and would like to return to the company in the future, schedule a meeting with the hiring manager or human resources. During the meeting, let them know that you appreciated the chance to work there, as well as that you’d be interested in coming back if the opportunity arises.

By doing so, you may learn about other openings that match your skills and experience or may be contacted when an appropriate position becomes available. Plus, by showing your appreciation, you’re making a positive impression, one that could increase your odds of landing a new job with the company when that time does arrive.

  1. Prepare for Your Job Search

It’s always best to prepare for your job search before your temporary job ends. Take a moment to add your new experience to your resume and LinkedIn profile, and update your skills list if you’ve learned something new.

  1. Contact Your Recruiter

If you worked with a staffing firm to secure your current temporary job, contact your recruiter once you know when the position is officially ending. Discuss the experience with them, as well as express your interest in finding something new. That way, they can start looking for a right-fit position immediately.

If you secured a temporary position on your own, reaching out to a recruiter can still be an excellent move. You’ll get a job search ally who can help you find your next opportunity while you’re still working, increasing the odds that you can transition directly into a new job.

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