When you find a temporary job that you enjoy, finding a way to make it a full-time position might seem ideal. Often, the transition can be relatively seamless, allowing you to continue with your current duties long-term, all without having to launch a new job search.

While not every temporary job will have the option of going full-time, many do have the potential to go permanent. However, you have to approach the situation the right way. If you want to help make your temporary role a full-time position, here are three approaches that can help.

Three Tips From TempStaff About How to Take Your Temporary Job Permanent

Continuously Exceed Expectations

First and foremost, if you want your temporary job to transition into a full-time opportunity, you need to show the value you can provide to the team. Often, this means doing more than simply meeting expectations. Instead, you need to exceed them.

It isn’t uncommon for a temporary role to be somewhat pared down when compared to its permanent equivalent. If you seemingly struggle to do more than meet expectations, the company may question whether you could thrive there long-term, especially if you would need to take on additional responsibilities that are more complex.

By exceeding expectations continuously, you’re demonstrating your value and long-term potential. It’s easier for the company to view you as a top talent. This will increase the odds that they’d rather bring you onboard permanently than risk losing you.

Seek Out More Responsibilities

As mentioned above, some temporary positions have fewer responsibilities than their permanent equivalents. When that is the case, requesting additional duties can be a smart move.

Once you have your main responsibilities down, ask your manager or colleagues if there is anything else you can do to help the team thrive. Let them know you’re available for one-time support on challenging tasks, as well as interested in taking on more duties long-term.

With this approach, you aren’t just positioning yourself as an asset, but you’re also showcasing your passion and desire for growth. This all works in your favor, increasing the odds that the company will want to keep you on staff.

Let the Company Know You’re Interested

With temporary positions, companies may not know that you’re hoping for a permanent job. Many contract workers actually prefer temp assignments, creating entire careers from moving between workplaces. As a result, you shouldn’t assume that the company understands that you’d want an offer.

As your contract begins to come to an end, speak with your manager about your career. Let them know you’d welcome an opportunity to stay if a suitable position is available. This removes any doubt in the company’s mind about whether you’d accept a permanent position if one were offered.

Additionally, if a permanent job isn’t available, then but maybe in the near future, it increases the odds that they’ll reach out when an opening comes along. This can essentially lead to the same result, allowing you to snag a full-time role at an employer of choice, as they’ll remember your interest down the line.

Ready For The Next Step In Your Career? TempStaff Can Help! 

Ultimately, by using the tips above, can you help make your temporary job permanent. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at TempStaff wants to hear from you. We can help you chose from a variety of temporary or permanent opportunities. Contact TempStaff today!

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