When the new year arrives, many professionals launch job searches in hopes of furthering their careers. If you’re a light industrial professional, certain changes to your resume can be incredibly impactful, increasing your chances of landing a new position. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are five updates that are worth doing.

Five Resume Tips for Light Industrial Workers In 2021

1. Start Bullet Points with Action Verbs

Using action verbs in your resume is always a smart move. But if you want to make the biggest impact, you don’t want to just scatter them around without much thought.

Instead, make sure that every sentence and bullet point leads off with an action verb. This makes each point more engaging and energetic, increasing the odds it will catch the hiring manager’s eye.

For light industrial workers, focus on what you accomplished and then choose an action verb that aligns with your activities. For example, you might use “built,” “designed,” “fabricated,” or “assembled” if you worked in production.

2. Quantify the Details

Quantifying details in your resume isn’t necessarily new. Instead, this is a powerful trend that is likely here to stay.

On a resume, numbers can speak louder than words. They stand out visually, drawing the eye to various points. Additionally, they give the hiring manager context about your duties and achievements, letting them know more about your performance and capabilities.

Since many industrial companies are results-driven, numbers work in your favor. You might want to let the hiring manager know how many items you assembled or packaged, for example, to show them how diligent and productive you are in your role.

3. Discuss Your Soft Skills

In recent years, soft skills are increasingly important to employers. Hiring managers want to know that you can excel as part of a team, communicate effectively, have exceptional attention-to-detail, and more.

When you update your resume, make sure you mention soft skills that allowed you to thrive in your last position. If you aren’t sure which ones to include, look at the job ad and see if any are mentioned there. If so, use that as a starting point.

4. Use Exact Keywords

Tailoring your resume to a position is always a must. However, you don’t just want to convey the right message; you have to use the right words and phrases when you do.

Look at the job description and identify any of the requested skills, training, or experience that you have currently. Then, use the exact same wording that you see in the job ad when you discuss it in your resume. This increases the odds that an automated resume screening will view you as a strong match.

5. Add a Professional Summary and Skills Section

As you write your resume, don’t go straight from your contact information directly into your work experience. Instead, follow your contact details with a brief professional summary highlighting a major accomplishment or what you bring to the table. Then, add a concise skills section showcasing relevant capabilities with a quick bullet point list.

With that approach, you’re quickly demonstrating your capabilities in a way that’s easy to skim. After those sections, you can add more details by moving into a traditional work history section, ensuring you can further showcase why you’re an exceptional match.

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