When you apply for a position, your primary goal is to showcase you’re the right candidate for the job. However, merely saying that you’re the best isn’t going to cut it. You need to go a step further and actually prove it to the hiring manager.

Since most applicants are going to have similar technical skills, your ideal approach is often to highlight a variety of intangibles, the soft skills you bring to the table, as well as your attitude and personality. These are usually the areas that make you unique, allowing you to make a positive impression. Here are a few that can help you prove you are the right candidate for the job.

Your Fortitude

Every job on the planet comes with challenges. Demonstrating your grit when you are under pressure is essential if you want to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

As you prepare for your interview, consider times when your determination was put to the test. Consider any unexpected problems, resource shortages, or internal bottlenecks you had to overcome, then find a way to articulate how you persevered to achieve success.

Your Enthusiasm

Nearly every hiring manager is going to favor a passionate candidate over one that seems less enthusiastic about the role. As you speak with the hiring manager, let them know what about the job, company, or industry excites you. Be specific, whenever possible, and make sure your enthusiasm is expressed not just verbally but through your body language, as well.

If you truly love what you do or what this job could mean, don’t be afraid to share it. It will usually work out in your favor.

Cultural Fit

Cultural fit has become more important to employers and candidates alike. When the dynamics are right, everyone is more productive, and often happier, too.

As you are being interviewed, the hiring manager is trying to visualize how you would integrate into the environment, so don’t be afraid to cover points that help make that easier. For example, if your values align with the company’s, mention that. If they’re looking for someone who is willing to grow and adapt with the role, discuss your willingness to learn.

Interpersonal dynamics are incredibly important for teams and companies to thrive. So, if you can show that you will fit into the current culture with ease, make sure you do.

By following the tips above, you can do more than just tell the hiring manager you are the right person for the role, you can prove it, too. That way, you have the best chance of getting an offer, allowing you to land the job, even if the competition is fierce.

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