There are many ways to recruit and hire today, but there is only one way to attract the very best candidates to your door. This is to become an employer of choice in your area. In this case, it’s in Jackson MS, the state capital, and a thriving metropolitan area that’s home to nearly 200,000 people. Many industries call Jackson their home because of its close proximity to the winding Mississippi River, growing technology base, and rich history that features some of the world’s best scenery, food, music, and activities in the Southern United States.

What does it take to become an employer of choice here?

There are several components that can help any business, large or small, become a candidate magnet in and around the Jackson MS region. If you are in the process of either starting or expanding a business here, you will want to consider boosting your recruitment strategy with these perks.

Offer flexible work options.

In the hectic paced and over-connected world that we live in now, employees are looking for jobs where they can experience more work life balance. To become an employer of choice in Jackson MS, try giving employees more flexible work options, such as the opportunity to work varying shifts and telecommuting.

Provide above average compensation.

Top performance candidates are not just looking for the average paycheck. They want more perks that just a competitive salary. Instead, boost your pay for performance strategy and add more to your benefits and salary programs to attract great candidates.

Build a better office environment.

When professionals at the top of their game are looking for a preferred employer to settle down and work hard for, they are thinking of modern office spaces where they have access to collaborative work areas and modern technology. Make this a goal for your business.

Partner with a local staffing agency.

While some companies choose to do their recruitment the “old fashioned” way, they end up dealing with a lot of unqualified applicants. Getting in touch with a quality staffing agency in Jackson MS is a better way of becoming an exclusive employer of choice.

Become part of the Jackson MS community.

Getting out into the community and participating as an investor into programs and services in Jackson MS can do a lot for your image as an employer in the area. Be a socially responsible corporation and support workforce training at local colleges, help charities, and demonstrate your commitment to the people of this area.

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