As an employer, have you ever considered how much easier it would be to have a partner in your corporate recruitment efforts? Imagine having access to a never-ending supply of skilled labor, pre-screened and ready to help your business grow? When you work with a local temp agency that understands your industry and the region you operate in, this dream can become a reality!

This is because a local staffing agency has several key benefits over working with a large chain recruitment agency or going it alone. Let’s look at some of these unique benefits.

Local recruiters know your marketplace and your business challenges.

It can be difficult if not impossible to explain the uniqueness of your business and the market in which you work if a recruitment agency does not have a local presence. Therefore, it’s always a bonus if you can work directly with a recruitment team that is local to your region and understands these challenges.

Temp agencies who are local have access to great candidates with the skills you need.

When you work with a local staffing agency, you won’t have to worry about the costs and time involved with placement of out of town candidates. Instead, you’ll gain access to the best local candidates who have the right skills and background your business needs to succeed.

Temp employees are pre-screened talent from the local area that helps the community prosper.

Supporting the local economy is a big part of recruiting today, because it helps to expand the business community and helps to spur developments and improvements that helps everyone prosper. Make sure you are hiring pre-screened temps from local staffing agencies to ensure you are actively participating in local community growth.

Staffing agencies who are local have reasonable rates and flexible programs.

Remember when you partner with a local staffing agency that they will be able to meet your needs through affordable staffing options. Many times this includes flexible temporary staffing programs and on-demand vendor on premise services for peak recruiting periods.

Partnering with a local temp agency means you get personalized on-demand service.  

Instead of being just another client of some “big brand” employment agency, working with a local staffing firm means you get the proper respect and attention you deserve. You’ll get to know your recruiters well and they too will learn about your business and employee succession planning needs are.

When choosing what direction to go this year with your staffing needs, we hope you consider all of the benefits of working with a local temp agency.  Want to learn more? Explore important recruitment and employment topics by reading a few popular posts from TempStaff! Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to learn more about us at LinkedIn for company and industry news, job leads and featured updates.

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