As a clerical professional, finding opportunities to boost your skills can bring your career to the next level. When you hone new capabilities, you become a more valuable part of the team, and that can lead to promotional opportunities. Plus, additional skills can help you qualify for other positions with greater ease, as well as showcase your desire to learn and grow, which also works in your favor.

Fortunately, developing new capabilities is easier than ever, thanks to technology. If you’re looking for the best online learning platforms for skill development, here are some options to consider.


Udemy has long been a popular online learning platform for skill development, making it a solid choice for many clerical professionals. Along with a substantial catalog, the platform lets you learn on your terms. There are courses on business, accounting, software, and office productivity, as well as options covering many other topics.

With Udemy, you can purchase individual courses or get a subscription that makes more than 11,000 classes accessible as long as you have the plan in place. You also have the ability to try the subscription for free, allowing you to check everything out before committing financially.


Coursera has been a leading online learning platform for some time, and with good reason. It offers a wide array of courses, many of which are designed by reputable colleges and universities. There are introductory and advanced classes available for many types of productivity software, as well as courses on topics like business writing, accounting, presentations, and more.

With Coursera, you can also pursue certificates or degrees, allowing you to boost your clerical resume. There are certificates for Salesforce, Intuit, and many other business-oriented solutions, which could be a solid option. There’s also a Bachelor of Science in General Business, which could work well, depending on your career goals.


Skillshare focuses its courses on creative skills, but that doesn’t mean there are solid options for clerical professionals. There’s an entire section dedicated to improving your productivity, allowing you to provide any employer with more value. Plus, some of the marketing classes focus on personal branding, which is helpful regardless of your profession.

At Skillshare, you can try the platform out for free. That means you can explore what it offers without having to spend a dime, ensuring it’s the right place for you before you’re billed.


At edX, you can take courses designed by leading universities, as well as work your way toward a degree. The course catalog is incredibly vast, covering a wide array of topics and skill areas. As a clerical professional, you may want to focus on relevant computer skills. For example, there are numerous classes focused on leveraging Microsoft Excel, including introductory-level classes and advanced ones.

You can also find courses focused on business management and administration, as well as business writing, accounting, communications, marketing, and much more. As a result, it’s easy to dive into an array of topics that could boost your career, all from one platform.

Ultimately, all of the online learning platforms above are excellent options for skill development. Plus, they can help you boost your clerical resume. If you’d like to learn more about how you can elevate your career or are seeking out new clerical job opportunities, TempStaff wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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