Many candidates worry about using a staffing firm like TempStaff to find a job, as they fear that the job search services come at a cost. Fortunately, when you use TempStaff, that’s not the case. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of getting a job through TempStaff.

Using TempStaff to Get a Job Is Free for ALL Candidates

As a job candidate, you never pay a penny to find a job through TempStaff. Our job search services are available at no cost to every kind of job seeker. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the workforce or are highly experienced in your field, you get support from our recruiters for free. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a light industrial, administrative, or professional candidate; the cost to find a job through TempStaff is always $0.

Additionally, getting guidance from your recruiter doesn’t cost you anything. Whether it’s resume tips or insights to help you excel during your next interview, you never have to worry about paying for the help you receive.

Since candidates never pay to find a job through TempStaff, you may wonder how TempStaff supports its operations. Ultimately, TempStaff is compensated by the client companies that use our hiring services to find candidates. When a job seeker is placed in a position, the client company pays a fee, the exact structure of which varies depending on the arrangement.

The fees clients pay are handled by the company directly, so the money never comes out of your paycheck. That means whether you’re a direct placement or a temp-to-hire or a temporary employee on TempStaff’s payroll, you never pay a dime.

Are You Ready to Find a New Career-Boosting Job?

As a candidate, finding a job through TempStaff is always free. Plus, the process is incredibly straightforward. You have several options to start your job search through TempStaff. The simplest way is to visit our website and complete your application online. If you’re interested in an industrial position, our application is all you need. For administrative and professional candidates, make sure to include a resume along with the application.

Once your application is submitted, our recruitment team will review the information and prepare any next steps. Plus, we’ll begin matching you to our available job openings, ensuring we can find a right-fit opportunity as quickly as possible.

If you want to explore our current openings, you can search for jobs through TempStaff online as well. You can conduct searches using keywords and location information or view all open jobs to learn more about what’s available.

At TempStaff, our goal is to make finding your next job as simple and convenient as possible. Whether you’re looking for an industrial, administrative, or professional opportunity, our services are designed with you in mind, and they never cost you anything. If you’re ready to launch your job search and want free assistance from a skilled recruiter, TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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