Many candidates struggle with getting out of their comfort zone when applying for jobs. Whether it’s the fear of rejection, concern they aren’t qualified, or a desire to stick with the familiar, pushing boundaries is often uncomfortable. But holding back can slow your career development, causing you to bypass opportunities that can spur growth and help you advance.

Fortunately, there are many practical ways to get out of your comfort zone when applying to jobs on your own or through TempStaff, the leading staffing agency in Mississippi. Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

See the Positives in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

While the idea of pushing boundaries when it comes to your professional capabilities is intimidating, it’s less daunting when you understand what you have to gain. Getting out of your comfort zone usually involves accepting duties that are a bit outside of your wheelhouse, a move that creates opportunities for growth. You’ll get chances to hone new skills or explore different knowledge areas, making you a more capable professional.

Plus, getting out of your comfort zone and succeeding is confidence-building. You’re demonstrating to yourself that you’re more capable than you initially believed, and that can give you a significant boost. As a result, taking the risk is incredibly worthwhile, and that fact may help you become more comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

Focus on Taking Smart Risks When Considering Jobs

Getting out of your comfort zone does involve a degree of risk, but you can mitigate it by ensuring you’re strategic when choosing potential jobs. The idea is to stretch slightly outside of your current position without overdoing it. For example, a new job where you meet 70 percent of the requirements but not all of them could be a smart risk. While you’d need to grow to succeed, you have a strong foundation that aligns with the role, so applying is a risk that’s potentially worth taking.

When you’re evaluating openings, balance alignment with strategic growth opportunities, too. You want to make sure that the skills you’ll need to acquire provide sufficient long-term value. Consider what capabilities would help you move quickly down your chosen profession path, and make sure those are the skills you’d gain if you land the job. That way, a successful risk elevates your career long-term.

Understand that Missteps Are Learning Opportunities

When you take a risk during a job search, missteps are bound to happen on occasion. But it’s critical to remember that small mistakes aren’t the end of the world, particularly since most turn into learning opportunities.

Assess anything that goes wrong during the process and see what that experience teaches you. Then, harness that knowledge to improve your approach moving forward. By doing so, you’re getting value along the way and often turn yourself into a stronger candidate, too.

Plus, when it comes to taking risks during a job search, the worst outcome is typically that you don’t get the position you were trying to land. Ultimately, while it’s disheartening, there aren’t many other ramifications, so why not push boundaries and see what happens?

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and find a career-boosting opportunity, TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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