Today, companies are experiencing more difficulties when hiring, particularly when it comes to candidates ghosting potential employers. While it’s easy to assume that ghosting happens because job seekers aren’t genuinely serious about finding a position, the reality behind their decision is often quite different. As a result, there are steps hiring managers can take to reduce the likelihood of being ghosted by candidates. Here are some proactive steps you can use to ensure candidates don’t ghost you.

Streamline the Process for Candidates

Complex and cumbersome recruitment processes drive candidates away. Whether it’s overly lengthy application processes with multiple pages, numerous essay questions, or requiring both resumes and filled-out applications, every additional step usually increases frustration. In some cases, it even leads to application abandonment, all because applying took longer than candidates expected.

Similarly, multiple rounds of interviews can discourage job seekers from moving forward. They can make the company seem disorganized or indecisive, both of which work against employers by increasing ghosting rates.

As a result, proactive hiring managers should streamline the recruitment process as much as possible. Make sure initial applications only take a few minutes, eliminating any steps that aren’t genuinely necessary from the beginning. Additionally, limit the interview rounds to one or two whenever possible.

Focus on Communication and Engagement

Few things frustrate candidates like radio silence from prospective employers. A lack of communication harms engagement, and it can even lead job seekers to believe the company ghosted them, causing them to functionally withdraw from the process.

Instead, focus on personalized communication. By doing so, candidates feel informed and valued, which helps keep them engaged.

Embrace Transparency Throughout

Another annoyance many candidates cite when discussing why they ghosted a potential employer is a lack of transparency. Whether it’s not disclosing salary ranges, being ambiguous about the hiring timeline, not outlining what’s required during the hiring process from the beginning, or a similar lack of detail, candidates feel ill-prepared for what lies ahead. In some cases, it even leaves them feeling undervalued, which can drive them away.

When possible, be transparent throughout the process. Let candidates know what to expect from the hiring process, and be upfront about job expectations, salaries, and benefits. Along with boosting engagement, that ensures that job seekers who stick it out are more likely to accept if offered the position, as they have a thorough understanding of what saying “yes” entails.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

At times, employers struggle with candidates ghosting them because the time and attention required to keep top talent engaged are challenging for them to manage. By partnering with a staffing agency, employers get support from recruitment experts who will go the extra mile to keep candidates involved. Plus, they can streamline hiring processes while providing access to vetted talent pools, reducing the time-to-hire while making the experience easier for job seekers.

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