When looking for new opportunities, many professionals automatically bypass temp jobs. Often, it’s because they assume that temporary positions don’t provide enough value since there isn’t guaranteed longevity. However, that mindset is largely based on myths about temp jobs. In reality, these short-term positions have a lot to offer, and they can even boost your career.

If you’re wondering what a temp job is and why you should apply for one, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Temp Job?

A temp job – also known as a temporary job – is a short-term position that typically lasts anywhere from a handful of hours to up to a year. The defining characteristic is that the role will end at a particular time instead of continuing forward indefinitely.

Temp positions are common among employers that need extra staff members during peak periods. Additionally, employers may offer them to secure coverage for a permanent team member who’s absent for a time, allowing them to have critical support instead of operating shorthanded.

Temp jobs run the gamut when it comes to required skill levels, position types, and industries. There are opportunities for entry-level industrial and office workers, as well as mid to upper-level roles for highly skilled professionals.

Why Applying for a Temp Job Is a Good Career Move

Applying for a temp job can be an excellent career move. First, these positions usually start quickly, allowing you to close a resume gap or secure needed income in less time. Additionally, the requirements are often less stringent, making career changes easier or letting you secure new positions even if you don’t have all of the required experience or skills for its permanent equivalent.

Temporary jobs often come with skill-building opportunities, as you’ll get to learn the nuances of the role at that specific company, could be introduced to new systems, or may have access to training. There also great for exploring local employers, new positions, or different industries, allowing you to determine if a company, field, or role is the right fit for your career.

Typically, temp jobs come with flexibility. You can choose from an array of roles and different schedules in many cases. Plus, when the assignment ends, you can take a break before starting a new position if you’d like.

Additionally, temporary jobs are excellent networking opportunities. You can connect with more professionals at a broader selection of employers, allowing you to forge critical relationships that can benefit your career.

Finally, a temp job can turn into a permanent position. If you showcase your value clearly and make an excellent impression, the company may offer you a long-term spot to ensure they can keep you on board.

Based on all of the points above, a temp job is often a good career move, as those working in them have a lot to gain, and there’s little risk. If you’d like to see what a temporary position can do for you professionally or want to explore openings, TempStaff can help. Contact us today.

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