When you need to fill an accounting position, your first step is often to post the vacancy on job boards. However, whether you get the response you’re after often depends on the quality of your job ads. That’s particularly true since the demand for skilled accounting professionals outpaces the supply, making it harder to secure the talent you need.

While it’s easy to get disheartened if your accounting job postings aren’t snagging you the applicants your after, it’s better to take a proactive approach to address the issue. If you’re not seeing the results you hoped for, here’s how you can find experienced account candidates with greater ease.

Have a Strong Employer Value Proposition

When you’re hiring, it’s common to focus on the company’s needs first. However, failing to address what candidates want to know and find will hurt your chances of securing top talent. That’s why presenting a strong employer value proposition is also essential, ensuring candidates know precisely what they have to gain if they become an employee.

In most cases, your employer value proposition should be multi-faceted. Along with highlighting a salary range, openly discuss the benefits employees receive. Touch lightly on common offerings – such as health insurance and retirement plans – but take a deeper dive into unique offerings that separate your company from the competition. Additionally, make sure to showcase your company culture, its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and other points that demonstrate why you’re organization is a great place to work.

Make Job Posts Easy to Scan

Just as hiring managers often skim resumes initially, most job seekers only give a job post a quick scan before deciding whether to review it in greater detail. If you want to catch the attention of those candidates, you need to make your job posts skimmable.

Make sure you balance text with whitespace and use bullet points strategically. Additionally, consider adding an infographic to highlight must-see elements, as it’ll draw the eye and make the ad more visually appealing.

It’s also smart to begin your job posting with a high-level summary, not until a professional summary on a resume. You can use that to draw candidates in, increasing the odds that they’ll keep reading.

Focus on Clear, Concise Descriptions

While flowery prose may sound good, it isn’t ideal for job postings. Instead, you need to keep the descriptions clear and concise, avoiding jargon, euphemisms, or descriptors that don’t add value to the conversation.

As you write, focus on keeping the job ad punchy. Along with making it feel more energetic, it ensures you don’t waste space on superfluous information.

Partner with a Recruiter

If you’re concerned that your job postings won’t yield results, partnering with a recruiter could be your best bet. You’ll get access to a recruitment professional, ensuring you have an ally that can connect you with top talent quickly and efficiently.

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