Whether you’re taking your first steps into the workforce, returning after a break, or planning to head in a new direction, finding ways to kickstart your career is essential. While additional education or certifications is certainly a solid path, it isn’t ideal for those who need to secure an income. In those cases, administrative temp work could be the perfect answer.

In any of the scenarios above, getting relevant experience, honing skills, and making connections are often musts. While it may not seem like a temporary job can offer all of that, it actually can, allowing it to serve as a springboard that lets your career reach new heights faster. If you’re wondering precisely how administrative temp work can bridge a critical gap and kickstart your career, here’s what you need to know.

Build Your Resume (and Close a Resume Gap)

If you’re new to the workforce, one of the biggest challenges you often face is a resume with little to no experience on it. That can make landing certain types of roles challenging, particularly if you don’t have a college degree.

With administrative temp work, you can start building your resume. You’ll have experience that you can list, making you a stronger candidate for opportunities you encounter in the future.

Similarly, if you have a gap on your resume, you may face an uphill battle when looking for a new job. Since temporary positions often have looser requirements, they can be a perfect way to close a gap that may be hindering you. You’ll have a recent job to list instead, making any holes in your work history far less concerning to a hiring manager.

Prove and Hone Critical Skills on the Job

Even if you have a solid education, many employers want to see job experience on your resume. With administrative temp work, you can address that want directly. You’ll have functional experience on your resume, showing that you can use your capabilities to benefit a company.

Plus, you’ll have a chance to improve your capabilities in the real world. In many cases, you’ll also get to acquire new ones. In either case, you’re becoming a stronger candidate, putting you on the path toward your dream career.

Expand Your Network to Access More Support

When you’re working in a temporary administrative position, you’ll have an opportunity to engage with a range of professionals. By striving to exceed expectations and spending time connecting with your colleagues, you can expand your network quickly and efficiently.

With an expanded network, you have a valuable resource that can help you navigate challenges you’ll encounter. Plus, you may have more chances to acquire new skills or learn about unadvertised roles, both of which can boost your career.

Secure a Full-Time, Permanent Position with a Leading Employer

Consistently exceeding expectations in a temporary role can lead to permanent opportunities. In some cases, the manager will ask you to remain on board before your short-term assignment is complete. In others, they’ll invite you back when a position comes available. In either case, you’re getting access to a career-boosting role, all because you accepted some administrative temp work.

If you’d like to learn more about how temporary administrative jobs can benefit your career, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us today.


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