Even as states continue to advance through the reopening phases, many professionals are still working from home full-time. Many companies discovered that remote work arrangements provide several benefits. Plus, the COVID-19 situation is still highly fluid, and a resurgence may be on the horizon. As a result, not all employers rushed to bring their teams back into the office.

However, while telecommuting can improve productivity, it does have its drawbacks. Managing employee wellness is particularly tricky when workers aren’t coming into the office, as it’s hard to see how everyone is doing remotely.

Luckily, there are things you can do to promote good health, even while your team is working from home. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips that can help.

Prioritize Mental Health

Many professionals are experiencing unprecedented amounts of stress. COVID-19 caused many people to become fearful about their health. Additionally, schools closed unexpected, causing parents to have to take on the role of teacher. For many households, their income level fell when one or multiple members lost their job during a coronavirus layoff.

In some cases, it’s the work-from-home arrangement that increases stress. Some employees struggle to disconnect because they are always within a few steps of their office. Others miss their colleagues, causing them to feel lonely and isolated.

As a manager, finding ways to prioritize mental health is wise. Encourage employees to maintain a set schedule, and give them explicit permission to disconnect outside of those hours. Host Zoom social gatherings to keep bonds strong and create opportunities to chat. Touch base with each team member one-on-one regularly to see how they are handling their workloads and if they could benefit from additional support.

Promote (and Incentives) Exercise

Working from home may lead to a more sedentary lifestyle than being in an office. Since people are in their own houses, they may not be inclined to take their breaks. Plus, everything they need is nearby. There aren’t even walks through parking lots to get to their workplace.

Managers should not just encourage physical activity, but consider incentivizing it, too. Have your staff put their breaks in their calendars, complete with a notification when the time arrives. Then, recommend that they spend that time taking a quick stroll or some light stretching.

Additionally, help your team engage in workouts by identifying resources that can make programs accessible. For example, write a list of online video classes that everyone can take for free. Then, create workout challenges and offer rewards for achieving certain milestones.

Provide Ergonomic Solutions

Many offices provide ergonomic solutions to their teams. However, many employees don’t have access to the same equipment at home.

If your team is going to be telecommuting for some time, consider helping them acquire the ergonomic office equipment they need. It will help them maintain good posture, prevent muscle or joint strains, and otherwise remain healthy and productive.

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