The COVID-19 pandemic shook the business world. Many companies had to close their doors, at least for a time. Even as reopening efforts moved forward, the process has been relatively slow. Most industries are still experiencing the ripple effects of closures and demand shifts, and many are trying to prepare for the possibility of a resurgence.

As a result, many professionals assume that companies aren’t hiring. However, that isn’t the case. Companies that are reopening after a coronavirus closure may need to secure new staff. Additionally, some industries saw demand spike as a result of the pandemic, causing them to need to bolster their workforce to deal with the sudden influx.

If you are looking for a job, here’s what you need to know about the current landscape.

Mississippi Companies Are Hiring

While Mississippi was previously under stay-at-home orders, the reopening process has been underway for about two months. Many companies that weren’t considered essential slowly began restoring their operations, bringing staff back in as allowed.

Additionally, many businesses transitioned to work-from-home models. Once these employers got their footing, they began filling vacancies to boost productivity. These efforts continue today, both in companies with partial home-based workforces and those that are fully remote.

As a result, job opportunities do exist in Mississippi today, across nearly every local industry. That means professionals can secure a new position before the reopening is completely finished, allowing them to reshape or reignite their careers.

How to Land a Job During the Pandemic

Much of the job search process remains the same, even during a pandemic, thanks to the plethora of online tools available. You can use job boards, both large and niche, to explore opportunities. If you find a suitable one, look for options that allow you to submit a resume or application online.

When it comes to interviewing, companies are increasingly relying on remote approaches. The video job interview is increasingly popular, allowing candidates and hiring managers to meet without having to get together in-person.

However, for companies that are still holding face-to-face interviews, precautions are in place to promote safety. For example, all participants can wear masks, and seats can be positioned to allow for social distancing.

Find Opportunities with TempStaff

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