For many professionals, working from home now feels like the norm. However, offices are starting to reopen, causing your team to have to adapt once again.

There’s a strong chance that the transition won’t be entirely smooth. Additionally, the COVID-19 situation remains relatively fluid, and it may not stabilize for some time.

If you are wondering what Mississippi offices will look like as employees begin to return, here’s what you need to know.

Anxiety and Stress

While many workplaces are taking precautions as they reopen, that doesn’t mean that your employees won’t be nervous about returning. COVID-19 isn’t gone, even in areas with lower numbers, and that may make some workers anxious about heading out. Fear about what could happen if a coworker falls ill is real, and it’s going to be a factor for some time.

Additionally, many professionals are facing challenges that weren’t an issue in a pre-coronavirus world. For example, childcare options may be incredibly limited, causing parents to have trouble returning to offices if they can’t find suitable programs.

Employers need to understand that a degree of anxiety and stress will come with a reopening. It’s essential to not only follow all safety guidelines but also to remain compassionate during the early phases. Let employees speak about their concerns and be accommodating whenever possible. Your goal should be to make them feel safer, so go the extra mile to ensure that happens.

Furloughs and Paid Time Off

As some Mississippi offices reopen, furloughed workers may be able to return to their positions. This can create a point of contention, mainly if a portion of your workforce was laid off while the rest was not. At times, resentment or guilt may make its way into the workplace, harming morale and hindering productivity.

Additionally, as your workforce begins to return to its past size, vacation requests may increase. Many of your employees who remained on board had to forgo time away due to the pandemic. As states reopen and more workers are hired, their desire for a break may be hard to ignore.

Others may be wary of using their paid time off, or approving their request may not be possible. This can be problematic if your company has a “use-it-or-lose-it” approach to leave, as you may need to adjust your policies to account for the unprecedented nature of the situation at hand and to avoid penalizing workers incidentally.

Ultimately, flexibility, adaptability, and support need to be the name of the game. The situation is complex and fraught with potential stress. But, by being caring and accommodating, you can help your workforce adapt. Since the pandemic isn’t entirely under control, this is particularly crucial, ensuring everyone can change course as required should the need arise.

If you would like to learn more about how to navigate reopening your Mississippi office, the team at TempStaff wants to hear from you. Contact us today and see how our services can benefit you.



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