When you need to ramp up productivity in your office, you may decide that bringing on an additional employee is a smart move. However, which hiring arrangement is ideal isn’t always abundantly clear. In some cases, a temp position might be perfect. In others, a temp-to-hire approach might be the better choice.

If you aren’t sure if you need a temporary worker or a temp-to-hire employee in your office, here’s how you can figure it out.

Temporary Worker

With a temp position, the job is finite by design, and its purpose typically circles around filling a gap in your workforce. Usually, this is ideal if you only need extra support for a specific timeframe, ranging from a few hours to several months.

Figuring out if your needs are short-term is typically a straightforward process. For example, if you are increasing the size of your workforce just for peak season, covering an employee absence, or handling a particular project, then a temporary worker might be the best fit. You can get the assistance you require without a long-term obligation, making the arrangement flexible and adaptable, even if your needs shift unexpectedly.

Plus, the staffing firm handles all of the administrative burdens, as the worker remains on its payroll for the duration. Along with keeping your costs lower, this also reduces risk, which is ideal for short-term needs.

Temp-to-Hire Employee

In a temp-to-hire arrangement, the worker also starts on the staffing firm’s payroll. However, the end goal is different than with a purely temporary job.

Often, a temp-to-hire employee is ideal if you have a long-term need for additional support but also want to make sure you have the perfect candidate before extending a permanent job offer. The arrangement allows you to bring the worker onboard without the initial long-term commitment. Then, you can conduct a working interview, seeing if the employee is genuinely a strong match for your needs.

If the worker is the right fit, then you can transition them onto your payroll seamlessly and confidently. If not, you can release them from the assignment and bring in a new candidate, enabling you to repeat the process until you find the perfect match.

Is Temp or Temp-to-Hire Right for Your Office

Which approach is right for you depends on your needs. Both options have merit and their strengths, so consider how long you’d like the new employee to stay onboard and the function they’ll serve. If your needs are only short-term, then temp is the way to go. If you could envision the right candidate staying permanently, then go with temp-to-hire.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you’d like to learn more about temp or temp-to-hire solutions to help you make the right decision, the skilled team at TempStaff can review your needs and help you choose the approach that’s best for your situation. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment and hiring specialists today and see how our unique array of services can benefit you.



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