For many, staying active at work is a challenge. Unless your job is physical, there’s a decent chance you’ll spend hours sitting in one place. That can make your lifestyle highly sedentary, and that isn’t great for your health.

Luckily, it’s possible to be more active at work without disrupting the flow of your day. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips that can get you moving a little more when you’re on the clock.

Always Think Farther

Sometimes, the easiest way to begin is to create more distance between you and your destination. If you do, you’ll have to walk a bit more by default, allowing you to squeeze additional steps in every day.

For example, try to park toward the rear of the parking lot, or as far away from the door as possible. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs (or at least use the stairs for part of the journey, if you need to build up your stamina). Even choosing a restroom that isn’t the closest to your desk makes a difference.

Your goal should be to think farther regularly. Usually, you’ll only extend your trip by a minute or two, so it shouldn’t impact your day. However, those extra steps you end up fitting in do matter, allowing you to fit in more activity into even the busiest day.

If you want to see how much of a difference it makes, consider using a step tracker. That way, you’ll have proof of how those slightly longer trips add up.

Squeeze in Exercises

Another excellent approach for being more active at work is to do short bursts of exercise regularly. There are a surprising number of ways to pull it off, all of which are quick to finish and relatively discrete.

For example, before you take a seat when you reach your desk, do ten squats. If you do that every time you return to your chair during the day, you might be able to fit in 40 or more over the day.

Isometric exercises can also be great additions since they don’t require much movement. Similarly, a quick desk plank (where you place your hands on your desk with your feet on the ground, keeping your body straight) or desk pushups can be surprisingly effective.

Usually, since each exercise only takes a few minutes, you can fit them in with relative ease. Even doing one or two, each hour adds up quickly, and it won’t prevent you from remaining productive.

Ultimately, being active at work is possible. If your job is primarily sedentary, consider using the options above to ensure you can squeeze in some exercise regularly. That way, you can care for your health while keeping up with your professional responsibilities.

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