Finding the perfect candidate for your open position is a challenge. Often, managers narrow down the talent pool by focusing on individuals with great resumes first. Then, they bring those job seekers in and see who impresses during the interview.

At times, top candidates genuinely shine during the meeting. In others, they stumble. One job seeker may respond to questions with ease, providing thorough, thoughtful, and confident answers. Another may struggle on occasion.

When that happens, your instinct usually tells you to go with the first candidate. But, if you do, you might not be selecting your best option. Instead, you could be choosing the one that’s the best at interviewing, not necessarily the one that will legitimately excel in the role.

How do you make sure that you hire someone sure to succeed and not just the most articulate and comfortable interviewee? By following these tips.

Give Them a Real-World Test

When it comes to measuring a candidate’s skills, having them work through a real-world scenario is often the best approach. It gives you a chance to observe how they apply their skills and not just their ability to speak to them.

Consider asking them to solve a problem during the interview, walking you through how they’d approach it, and reach a resolution. You could alternatively give them a skills assessment or project assignment ahead of the meeting, allowing you to use it as part of the screening process.

Ask About Their Passions

When a person talks about something that genuinely excites them, their entire attitude can change. It can be a great way to get some candidates to open up and feel more comfortable. After all, it’s an invitation to talk about a topic that matters to them, and it may boost their confidence enough to help you see what they genuinely have to offer.

Forgo the Traditional Interview Approach

Like having test anxiety, some candidates aren’t at their best simply because of the interview paradigm. Even if they are cool as a cucumber at work, the mere thought of meeting with a hiring manager is nerve-racking, negatively impacting their performance.

If you want to eliminate that from the equation, consider using a non-traditional interview approach. For example, instead of meeting at your office, get together at a coffee shop. You could even arrange for them to join the entire team for lunch, letting you see how everyone interacts in a semi-casual setting.

The change in setting could make a difference. Plus, you’ll get to observe how the candidate acts when they aren’t inherently in the interview mindset, which may let you discover facets of their personality that may have otherwise been hidden.

Ultimately, all of the techniques above could increase your odds of selecting a candidate that is sure to succeed if hired. If you’d like to find out more about making wise hiring decisions, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us today and see how our recruitment and screening expertise can benefit you.



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