When you have your sights set on your perfect job, not getting it can be frustrating. Being told that you weren’t selected isn’t easy to hear. It can damage your confidence, making it harder to move forward.

While not landing your dream job isn’t easy, that doesn’t mean you can’t morph the situation into something positive. By adjusting your mindset, you can start over with renewed vigor. If you want to relaunch your job search, here’s what you need to do.

Give Yourself (Just) a Moment to Feel Your Feelings

A job rejection hurts; it’s that simple. Similarly, if your search isn’t leading you to your dream job, that’s frustrating. If things haven’t gone your way, give yourself a moment to feel your emotions. That way, you don’t suppress them, something that can be very damaging.

However, make sure you don’t allow yourself to dwell in negativity. Allow yourself to feel sad, upset, or angry, but only for a short time. Then, move on.

Don’t Make It Personal

Whether you recently interviewed for your dream job or have been sending out applications but not getting an interview, it’s easy to take it personally. But the situation is rarely personal. Hiring managers try to select the candidate they feel is the best match. It’s possible another candidate only slightly outdid you.

While you might have been able to succeed in the role, it’s important to remember that another candidate probably could, too. A rejection isn’t a vote against what you bring to the table or a sign the hiring manager didn’t like you. The hiring manager thought another candidate was at least as strong as you were, and they went that way instead.

Reflect Honestly on the Experience

A little self-awareness can go a long way. If you are struggling to land your dream job, consider whether you might have stumbled during your interview, if you weren’t as strong a match as you thought, or if anything else hurt your chances of being chosen. For example, do you need to train in a particular skill to make yourself a better fit? Should you spend more time practicing before your interview?

By reflecting, you can determine if there is room for improvement on your end. If you find a shortcoming, figure out what actions you can take to address it. Then, you’ll be moving forward instead of letting a job rejection hold you back.

Request Feedback from the Hiring Manager

Even if you aren’t selected for a job, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask the hiring manager for guidance. By requesting feedback, you can learn more about your performance and what you need to do to be a better candidate. Plus, it can give you a degree of closure, as you won’t be left wondering why you weren’t selected.

Not all hiring managers will offer constructive feedback, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you aren’t sure how to phrase it, consider asking, “Is there anything I could do to make myself a stronger candidate in the future?” That will usually get the ball rolling.

Apply What You’ve Learned

After a bit of reflection and requesting feedback, you’ve likely discovered an area or two that could be improved. If so, start applying what you’ve learned as you continue your job search. That way, you can keep your momentum.

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