Most professionals spend more time at work than they do anywhere else. Full-time employees are typically at the workplace at least 40 hours a week, though many of them cross that threshold regularly. Plus, that doesn’t account for the time it takes to get ready each day, get to and from work, or handle anything else beyond their standard duties.

Since so much time is committed to the workplace, work-related stress can have reaching effects. This is especially true during the holidays, a period where many professionals see their personal obligations increase dramatically.

Luckily, by prioritizing employee mental health during this time of year, you can help them lead better, happier lives. If you want to make sure workplace stress doesn’t hinder your team, here are some tips that can make a significant difference quickly.

Promote Work-Life Balance

During the hectic holiday season, work-life balance is often harder to achieve. By creating programs that make it easier to attain, you can support your employees during what can be one of the busiest times of the year.

Consider implementing flexible scheduling options that allow your team to adjust their hours on occasion. This will enable them to remain productive while ensuring their personal lives are more manageable, creating a win-win for all involved.

Starting a telecommuting program can also be beneficial. Not only does this promote work-life balance, it also allows employees to work from home if they or a family member catch a cold, ensuring they can care for loved ones or themselves and not infect the entire workplace.

Additionally, encourage employees to take time off when possible. Sometimes a break can make a world of difference, particularly if there are policies that prevent the worker from functionally being on-call when they should be rejuvenating while on vacation.

Make the Environment Enjoyable

Spending eight hours a day in the same space can be draining if it isn’t comfortable and pleasant. Make sure your environment is enjoyable and conducive to productivity if you want to see stress levels decline.

Provide sufficient access to natural light whenever possible, and add plants to bring a hint of nature indoors. Inject color into drab spaces to make them feel more inviting, and provide access to ergonomic desks, chairs, and equipment to increase comfort. Make sure there is ample room for team activities but that there are also quiet spaces for heads-down, detail-oriented work, particularly if you have a mainly open office environment.

Express Your Gratitude

Stress levels often diminish when employees feel seen and appreciated. If a member of your team meets or exceeds your expectations, make sure to thank them for their effort. Often, a simple, spoken “thank you” can work wonders, or a quick note on a Post-It can brighten someone’s day.

Additionally, for larger achievements, go the extra mile. Treat your employee to lunch, give them a small gift, discuss their accomplishment at an event, or otherwise draw positive attention to their contributions. Acts of recognition often boost morale, reduce stress and enhance motivation, creating a happier, more productive workplace overall.

Ultimately, all of the tips above can enable you to prioritize employee mental health this holiday season. If you’d like to learn more, the professionals at TempStaff can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today and see how our workforce wellness expertise can benefit you.



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