The holiday season is approaching quickly and, while this time of year can certainly be joyful, it is also incredibly hectic. As a result, many passive candidates are even less inclined to consider new opportunities, especially since they aren’t necessarily dissatisfied with where they are today.

However, by starting your search for skilled passive candidates now, you can make valuable connections before the holiday season is in full swing. If you need to find top talent, here are five tips that can help you land passive job seekers before the holidays.

1. Leverage Multiple Social Media Platforms

While LinkedIn is the quintessential social media platform for professionals, it can also be a bit oversaturated. Many companies rely on LinkedIn, making it a competitive place to be. As a result, it has become less effective as a source for passive candidates.

If you want to reach more passive candidates, expand onto other social media platforms. Facebook is a great place to start, particularly since you can engage with candidates over Facebook Messenger, one of the most widely used communication platforms on the planet.

However, don’t discard Twitter as a potential source, particularly since the ability to search a wide range of industry- or field-specific hashtags can lead you to discover amazing professionals who might meet your needs. Similarly, Instagram can be a great option as well, particularly if you need to fill a creative role or operate in the creative space.

2. Scour Your Own Database

When you have a vacant position, you might get dozens of applicants. While the vast majority weren’t selected for the job, that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring something great to the table. Any prior candidate could be a great fit for a new opening, particularly second-place finishers who impressed but were just edged out. By searching your candidate database, you can locate these top talents, giving you a chance to reach out.

3. Start an Employee Referral Program

Current employees are a resource when you need to find passive candidates. Often, if they know someone who would be a great fit, they’ll happily refer them. Plus, passive job seekers may be more likely to reply to a member of their network about a job than a recruiter, increasing the odds they’ll consider the opportunity.

4. Leverage Your Own Network

Most hiring managers have strong professional networks. If you are looking for hard-to-find skills and want to find passive candidates, consider letting your network know about your search. They may know someone who would be a great fit and, if so, are often willing to make an introduction, allowing you to establish a strong connection quickly.

5. Partner With a Staffing Firm

Recruitment agencies maintain strong talent pipelines that include highly skilled passive candidates. By partnering with a staffing firm, you gain access to their talent pool, allowing you to connect with these job seekers quickly.

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