A new hire’s first day is an opportunity, and not just for the incoming employee. It’s a chance to start the relationship off on the right foot, and not all companies take advantage of this unique time. By handling the onboarding process correctly, you can improve retention and build loyalty.

Making the new hire’s first day count is critical for their long-term success. If you want to know precisely what your company can do to make their initial experience as beneficial as possible, here’s what you need to know.

Start Before the First Day

Certain parts of the onboarding process should actually occur before the new hire walks in the door for the first time. Arranging for any access they need to perform their duties, getting their supplies and equipment together, and creating a plan for their arrival all need to be handled in advance. Otherwise, their first day may not run smoothly.

Similarly, giving the incoming employee certain information before their first day is also beneficial. Build an introduction packet that includes details like instructions on where to park, who to connect with when they arrive, when lunch breaks are scheduled, and an overview of the dress code. Providing them with a copy of an agenda for their first day is also helpful, giving them a clear idea of what they should expect. By sending this before the new hire starts, you are setting them up for success and eliminating much of the confusion that comes with their first day.

Assign a Buddy

New hires are almost guaranteed to have questions during their first day. By assigning one of their new teammates to act as their guide, they have a touchstone during what can be a challenging and overwhelming time.

Plus, their “buddy” can help make introductions, give them a tour through the workplace, and answer any questions the new hire may have. This helps the incoming employe start forging a relationship with someone they will work closely with on the job.

Focus on the Necessities

While it may be tempting to try and cover as much information as possible during the new hire’s first day, that approach can overwhelm the incoming employee. Instead of dumping everything on them all at once, break up the informational sessions. This can help improve engagement and retention, ensuring their first day isn’t just a tedious day in a conference room or overwrought with details they’ll struggle to remember.

Provide the new hire with useful information about the organization. Additionally, schedule in time for them to sit with their manager and go over the role, including any expectations they need to meet or exceed and an overview of how their job assists with the company’s broader goals.

Essentially, cover the basics, but also give them space to get acclimated. Additionally, split up informational sessions or periods that focus on paperwork completion with something more social and engaging, like a lunch out with their new team.

Ultimately, by embracing the tips above, you can make your new hire’s first day count. If you’d like to know more, the skilled team at TempStaff can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our experienced staff today and see how our onboarding expertise can benefit you.



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