Companies may have a variety of staffing needs, including everything from maintaining a capable permanent staff to adding temporary workers to assist with projects or seasonal swings in demand. Staffing services offer a range of solutions that can meet the needs of nearly any business, adjust the approach based on the organization’s hiring and recruitment preferences or priorities.

If you are not sure which type of staffing best aligns with your goals, here is an overview of the four primary services you can access when you partner with a staffing firm.

Temporary Staffing

Nearly every company deals with gaps in their workforce. Whether it is a skill gap associated with a particular project, the need for vacation coverage, or seasonal shifts that make bringing in a larger workforce for a specific period, having access to temporary workers can be the ideal way to get the support you require.

Temporary workers can be brought in for nearly any short-term period, ranging from just a few hours to several months. These professionals remain employees of the staffing firm during the assignment. Then, when the worker is no longer needed at your workplace, you release them from their assignment without any further obligation.


When you want to determine if a job seeker is the right fit, a working interview can be an ideal option. With the temp-to-hire program, you can try out the candidate, giving you a chance to assess their skills in the position you are looking to fill.

The worker begins as an employee of the staffing firm. Then, once the try out is complete, you can choose to bring them onto your staff permanently or release them from the role and explore other candidates.

Direct Hire

If you need a new permanent staff member but need help managing the recruitment and screening process, the direct hire program might be just what you need. The staffing firm locates top talent based on the job requirements and performs initial screening steps, ensuring you are only presented with the best and brightest candidates.

You remain in full control, ultimately being the person who chooses your next new hire. But you also experience cost- and time-saving benefits along the way, all while getting to select from highly qualified professionals based on your unique needs.

On-Site Staffing

Highly seasonal businesses often need large numbers of temporary workers for a short time. With the on-site staffing program, the staffing firm oversees your contingent workforce by positioning supervisors on-site who handle various workforce management duties, including scheduling, orientation, attendance and hours tracking, safety training, and more.

When you need to focus on operations and achieving production goals or deadlines, the on-site staffing solution empowers you to direct your attention in those areas without having to sacrifice workforce management. All temporary labor is fully coordinated based on your requirements, saving you valuable time while ensuring your operations run smoothly.

If you are interested in exploring any of the options above, the team at TempStaff can help. Contact us to learn more about our available hiring programs and see how our recruitment, hiring and workforce management expertise can benefit you.



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