When you leave a job, you are usually hoping the next opportunity is going to meet your needs and help you take your career in the right direction. While this can certainly happen, at times, you find yourself wishing you could return to your old position, or at least land a new role with a previous employer.

Regardless of the reason, deciding you want to explore options for coming back creates some challenges. Some companies have strict policies regarding rehiring former employees and, depending on how your exit was received, not everyone may be open to you coming back.

However, that does not mean going back to your old job is completely off the table. If you think that is the right move, here are some questions to consider before you try and return.

Are You Eligible for Rehire?

First and foremost, you have to figure out if you can be hired back by your previous employer. Some companies have rehire policies that allow anyone who left on good terms to potentially return down the road. Others will not let anyone come back, no matter how amicable the initial separation was, how much time has passed, or how skilled you are today.

If you were fired from your position with the company and were let go recently, your odds of being eligible for rehire decline dramatically. However, even if you left on good terms, you should do some research to see if coming back is an option.

Usually, a quick call to the organization’s human resources department or office manager is enough to find out if you are eligible for rehire. They will have records about your performance and are familiar with company policies.

Sometimes, it does not hurt to double check as well. Have a close friend or family member contact the company for a reference check. They can say that they are considering hiring you for a position and, at some point during a longer conversation, ask about your eligibility for rehire. That way, if the organization was not straightforward with you, you can find out whether pursuing opportunities at that company is actually worth your time.

Do You Have an Ally at the Company?

When you try to return to a previous employer, it can help to have a champion by your side. If you are still in contact with a former manager or co-worker who views you as a skilled and talented employee, they may be able to assist you as you try to get your old job back.

For example, they can speak to the hiring manager about open positions, ask if the hiring manager remembers you, talk about your capabilities, and let them know that you are exploring options to return to the company. Essentially, this is like being referred to a role by a current employee, giving you an inside track. However, only use this approach if you have a strong connection with the worker and they are respected by the organization. Otherwise, your request for their assistance may be inappropriate, or their recommendation might not be well received.

While having an ally isn’t a necessity, it can make getting your old job back easier.

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