When you need to find amazing job candidates in Mississippi, having the right approach is essential. If you neglect certain resources, move too quickly, or simply don’t have the time available to identify and select top talent, then you aren’t going to have the skills you need available to allow your company to thrive.

Luckily, there are things you can do to find better Mississippi job candidates. Here’s how to get started today.

Embrace the Right Social Media Platforms

If your company isn’t using social media as a relationship-building and recruitment tool aside from heading to LinkedIn, then now is the time to start. After all, about 68 percent of adults are active Facebook users, significantly more than the 25 percent who use LinkedIn on a regular basis. Plus, around 73 percent of adults use YouTube frequently, particularly Millennials and Gen Z.

Then, if you use videos as part of your recruitment efforts and post them on social media, you may be able to connect with a larger talent pool. By using video, you can do more than just provide a laundry list of requirements. Instead, you can also show off your workplace, add employee testimonials, and highlight any unique benefits your company offers, making it easier to stand out as an employer.

Nail Your Job Ad

At times, a company may struggle to find the right candidates, not because the talent isn’t out there but because their vacancy announcements aren’t attracting the ideal job seeker. For example, having too many “must-haves” can cause many professionals to look for other opportunities, as they assume that, by not having everything on the list, they would be screened out. Similarly, not enough detail isn’t going to entice candidates as they may be worried about what isn’t being said.

Always review the requirements list to make sure it only includes skills and experience that are truly essential from day one. Then, prepare to train the best-fit candidate to enhance their expertise. Further, don’t forget to note and desired soft skills, as those aren’t easy to teach.

Additionally, not showcasing what you have to offer as an employer in a job ad makes your company less attractive. Genuine top talent has options, so they aren’t going to apply for a position with an organization that doesn’t appear to offer them the benefits and perks they need. By including those details, you are demonstrating that you do have a lot to give them as well, increasing the odds that they will apply.

Partner With a Local Staffing Firm

If you need to find high-quality candidates quickly, partnering with a local staffing firm is a smart move. They can you connect you with top-notch job seekers while accelerating your hiring process, allowing you to secure the talent you need as efficiently as possible.

Recruitment agencies have strong roots in their communities, maintaining large talent pools and cultivating relationships with active and passive Mississippi job candidates. Plus, they understand all the intricacies of hiring, including how to craft powerful and enticing job ads, best practices for matching and screening job seekers, and how to make the candidate experience positive and memorable.

By partnering with a staffing firm, you are gain access to hiring experts who have dedicated their careers to finding ideal candidates for businesses in a wide range of industries. If you are ready to join forces with a skilled recruitment agency to find better Mississippi job candidates, the team at TempStaff want to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today and see how our unique and comprehensive hiring services can benefit you.



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