Thanks to shrinking talent pools and a generally tight labor market, hiring has become increasingly challenging for companies. As a result, the environment can be incredibly competitive as businesses are stuck fighting for the best talent or with many vacant Jackson, MS jobs.

However, organizations are still focused on finding ideal matches for their open positions. Luckily, by using the right strategies, you don’t have to let your jobs sit vacant. Instead, you can reduce your time-to-hire without having to sacrifice the quality of your new hires. If you are wondering how to get started, here are some strategies you can start using today.

Make Applying as Easy as Possible

Having a short, mobile-friendly application process can make it easier for job seekers to submit their information. Most candidates use their mobile devices during their job search, so allowing them to apply easily from those devices is wise. To ensure yours fits the bill, make sure your application is clean and crisp on smartphone screens, that the font size is readable, and that no side scrolling is necessary.

You also want to keep this stage of the hiring process short. For example, allow candidates to finish after supplying only their resume and cover letter. Additionally, don’t require them to submit a resume and complete an application, as this is incredibly redundant and highly frustrating to candidates.

Finally, limit (or eliminate) essay questions during the application process. While a single one may not be out of line, several can be a turn off for job seekers. Plus, if a candidate becomes annoyed during the process, they may simply stop, never finishing their application.

By keeping your process speedy and efficient, you can increase your response rate and potentially find higher quality candidates, both of which can reduce your time-to-hire.

Use Technology for Remote Assessments and Interviews

Skills tests and screening interviews can take a lot of time to arrange if you hold them on-site. Not only do you need to secure a space (and potentially, technologies, if you want to assess their skill sets), but you have to schedule each candidate to attend, and that can be difficult.

By embracing remote assessment solutions, including some that block access to search engines, ensuring nobody cheats, you can conduct skills tests online. Then, candidates can complete the assessments on their own time using their personal devices. You’ll get a summary of the results as soon as they are done, ensuring you get the information quickly.

Similarly, if you need to slim down your candidate list, using video conferencing for initial screenings is more efficient and incredibly effective. Since you can see the job seeker, you may gain insights you’d miss during a phone call, making it a great approach.

Offer After-Hours Interviewing Options

It isn’t uncommon for top talent to need a substantial amount of notice before attending an interview. Why? Because they are typically working for someone else, so they need to coordinate time off.

However, by offering after-hours interview times, you can speed up this part of the process. Since job seekers don’t have to request time off from their employer, they may need less notice. Plus, it helps them keep their job search discreet, something they may appreciate.

By using the strategies above, you can reduce your time-to-hire without sacrificing the quality of your new hires. If you would like to streamline hiring even further, the team at TempStaff can help you find highly skilled professionals to fill your vacant jobs quickly and efficiently. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists about your hiring needs today and see how our flexible services can benefit you and fill your vacant jobs.



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