Life is unpredictable by design. In the end, it’s impossible to control everything, and most people will face a few setbacks during their journey.

But, if you lose career momentum after a difficult period, you may miss out on exciting opportunities. If you want to make sure you stay on track, here are some tips that can help you keep things moving in the right direction.

Learn to Let Go

During the course of your personal and professional lives, you are guaranteed to face challenges that leave you distracted or distraught. Unexpected setbacks can be momentum killers, but learning that they are normal and working to move past them can help you keep moving forward.

If you experience a career speedbump or personal hardship, do allow yourself a moment to acknowledge how it affects you. Then, reframe the experience by focusing on the positive. For example, considering what you learned from the experience can be beneficial. Similarly, figuring out a different approach that could create a better outcome should the situation arise again is also helpful.

By letting yourself feel how you feel and then actively shifting your mindset, you can ensure your career doesn’t stall.

Craft a Support System

When you want to maintain career momentum, having a reliable support system is a must. The members of your group can not just help you stay focused and hold you accountable, but can also provide encouragement during challenging times.

Additionally, they can function as an outside party, giving you insight that can help you shift your perspective. This is especially important if you tend to be your own worst critic, as they can keep you from blowing a small adverse event out of proportion.

As you build your support system, make sure the relationships aren’t one-sided. If you want them to be there for you, you need to be there for them as well. Act as their champions and help them examine their situations when necessary. This keeps the connection reciprocal, ensuring it provides everyone with value.

Be Your Own Champion

Negative self-talk can be incredibly damaging, and not just to your mindset. If you constantly allow doubts or criticisms to float through your mind, questioning your professional capabilities, this internal dialogue could lead to a stall in your career.

Whenever you experience negative self-talk, decide to be your own champion and counter it with something positive. Focus on a recent professional achievement, remind yourself of an accolade, or otherwise confront the thought as being inaccurate.

It can take some practice to fully fight off negative self-talk. But, as you spend more time being your own cheerleader and less acting as a critic, it does become easier.

Ultimately, if you want your career to keep moving forward, you have to be diligent. Build a strong support system, learn from any missteps, and be your own champion. If you want to maintain momentum, it’s worth putting in the effort. Remember, challenges are part of life but, by using the tips above, you can position yourself to achieve higher levels of success.

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